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Chicago Staff
Im curious with this duel in 10 days what total preparations have been made? What have we done to empower Errabellas’s champion or what do we plan still to do?

Have we had success learning about the Biata/Oathsworn duel?

The more prepared, the better chance we have of not being caught off guard.

Squire Cass
Squire Cass,

I was able to speak with an ambassador from Yushein regarding the previous duel. I did not get any specific details as I believe most of the actual details have been lost to time. However, I did get an idea of the scope of the battle. They spoke about the power of the magic empowering them literally scarring the land itself, changing the landscape they stood on. If we take this tale at face value, I don't know if any mere ritual magic will make much difference against that level of power, however I see no reason not to give our champion every possible edge that we can

As an aside, the location of the duel between Lannek and Yushein is still used today as a meeting place between the two nations. We may gain first hand knowledge of the duel if we could cast a resonance ritual there.

I did not hear of anyone asking the seekers guild about the artifacts they have uncovered to empower the champion. We may have to follow up with them at the time of the gathering.

Courtier Zen Mallowbrooks

Ryan S

Minnesota Staff
Greetings Squire Cass & Courtier Mallowbrooks,

The Seekers Guild and Magic Guild have made the largest contributions to preparing our Champion for the upcoming battle. The Magic Guild has been focused primarily on preparing ritually empowered items for Andre Khrom to utilize in the battle, including a large number of items designed to enhance his natural ability to dodge blows. They have also prepared an incredibly powerful weapon for him to fight with, designed to strengthen his blows to bypass the defenses of normal fighters.

The Seekers Guild has managed to uncover several artifacts of power including the Crown of Evoder allows the wearer to draw forth magic capable of greatly damaging a person's spirit. Additionally the "Adventurers," in collaboration with the Seekers Guild have managed to uncover five additional artifacts including the Cursed Silk which allows the bearer to draw forth a great many curses to lay upon their foe. Other artifacts have provided a myriad of protections that will defend our Champion, including an artifact that will protect Andre Khrom from ritual magic.

I have heard that the "Adventurers" have also aided the Magic Guild in placing ritual magics on the spirit of Andre Khrom to further defend him during this battle including a Sorcerous Triage.

This has been of the highest priority for the Minister Council for the past several months, and a great deal of resources have been devoted to preparing Andre Khrom for the coming battle. He has spent every day training with highly skilled masters to hone his own abilities, and as I've detailed above, we are supplying him with as much magical reinforcement as possible. I believe we are well prepared for whatever the Oathsworn can bring to this battle.

Viscount Anthony White
On behalf of the Minister Council


Chicago Staff
Viscount White,

Do we know if this duel will take place right away on Friday or take place Saturday? Or a different day or time.

- Cass
@Ryan S


Squire Cass, I believe the agreement was to duel at noon on Saturday. Vicount please correct me if I'm mistaken.

Lord Knight Zihr of House Husky
Sworn Paladin to Baron Marciano of the Eastern Territories
Sir Zihr is correct. The contract between Erabella and Lannek was written for the duel to take place at high noon as it is Oathsworn tradition for duels to take place either at midnight or high noon. I do not remember if Saturday was specified but it was specified for the duel to take place during this gathering. Since the only noon that will take place during the gathering is Saturday that is when the duel must happen.

Courtier Zen Mallowbrooks