The Ritual of Mass Haven


Malidor's Outpost,

The Vex Mortis and the Hellglaive family have completed the ritual of Mass Haven. We have bestowed Lord Brightstone with the activation crystal to enact this effect on your lands. Upon activation, the ritual will last for 5 days. We recommend using it during your impending battle with the imperial forces that invade your lands.

While we believe the hardships you face are unbearable and deplorable, the Vex Mortis have vowed to not interfere in the politics of the continent and thus are unable to assist in this coming war outside of making sure the dead do not rise during the battles you participate in. We wish you the best of luck.

Lord Malachi Hellglaive, the Pale One
Champion of the Vex Mortis


Lord Hellglaive,

Thank ye for this contribution, it is more than enough.

Rest assured this will aid us in the upcoming days and we will not fall without a fight.

In honor and duty,
Squire Hildr', totem of Hawk