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At the last gathering, Prime Minister Cardan Powell asked some of us to organize a seventh guild. The Adventurer's Guild. Some of the leadership of Erabella are a bit concerned that a fair number of adventurers have made no moves to integrate into society and the current six guilds. For those that aren't aware there ARE six current guilds ... a quick introduction follows.

Magician's Guild - hopefully self explanatory. Higher ranked members include Elros and Beryl.
Military Guild - a place for martially minded individuals that want to protect their lands. Higher ranked members include Squire Roff and Squire Cass.
Seeker's Guild - treasure, puzzles, and ancient tombs are their forte. While some of us are members, none are higher ranked. Ainsley and Lilian are members.
Merchant Guild - all things production. If you like to smith, brew, or scribe this is the place for you. Higher ranked members are Gertrude and Squire Cass.
Slayer's Guild - do you like hunting big monsters? Talk to Huntswoman Mint.
Aristocracy Guild - once called the Dinner Party guild, this is the home to social intrigue. Higher ranked members are Lady Knight Fiona, Squire Edwina, Courtier Zen, and myself.

The purpose of the Adventurer's Guild is twofold - first, to assist and instruct mist travelers that may not know our customs. Secondly, for the nobles of Erabella to have a place to bring concerns if something gets out of hand.

We do not have a structure for this guild yet, but were asked to have something in place by spring. I believe ALL adventurers will be a part of this guild, no exceptions. There was brief talk of a council type leadership board. Any thoughts or discussion are welcome here, I look forward to hearing from you all.

Lord Knight Zihr of House Husky
Sworn Paladin to Baron Marciano Gibbs of the Eastern Territories
I like the idea of council style leadership. I assume this guild would take over management of the town box and appoint someone to do so among their other responsibilities. I think we should make it clear as well that noble standing has no bearing on the structure of the adventuring guild. That is to say, having a noble title does not automatically grant you authority within the guild.

There was also talk of holding an open forum at some point, such as an town hall meeting (OOG: likely a discord voice chat) with all adventurers invited to help decide the specifics of the guild.

Zen Mallowbrooks
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I hope that there would be different methods of earning prestige in the adventurer's guild. Please don't let this become a popularity contest.
I would imagine that the adventuring guild would not use the same prestige system as the traditional guilds, however that is something that we should discuss as a community when we are able.

Zen Mallowbrooks


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May I ask what about the existing 6 guilds and their prestige that is difficult to acquire? Between working with the guilds during the market and volunteering to help outside of it I haven't found it difficult to acquire, but my perspective may certainly be different.

I do agree with Zen and I don't believe it would use prestige like the other six. As Prime Minister Powell had stated, he was taken back by the lack of interest in the 6 existing guilds.

To all,

I know a handful have taken advantage of the perks as Zihr noted, but for those that have not, I'm curious what has prevented interest? Has it been information on them, general lack of interest or anything else? With Vaelin and Bruisey moving from these lands the Military Branch is just Roff and I. Many others only have a few members, with the most within the Magicians Guild. If there are other barriers please let us know.

-Squire Captain Cass



I haven't found prestige difficult to acquire, just difficult to prioritize only one guild. I want to belong to ALL the guilds, but then I wouldn't be very good in any of them. I find it difficult to specialize. (Also, I didn't have access to any guild message boards until just a week or so ago, so I only just found out what I can do with the points I have been accumulating.)



I don't believe there will be Prestige within the Adventurer's Guild, but as mentioned nothing has been decided. Also I don't recall anyone saying this guild would be in charge of the town box, although I'm certainly not opposed to it.

My thoughts on it are I do NOT believe anyone currently (or on track to become) a noble should be in the leadership of this guild. We have enough to handle without adding more and we all have obligations to either the Military or the Aristocracy guilds. I'd like to see representatives of the other four Erabellan guilds so if anyone has questions they have an easy time finding a resource. Currently that would put Mint, Elros or Beryl, and Gerty on the council if that is what is decided.

This guild isn't to tell anyone how to act, or what to do or say. It is not a "ruling council" of the adventurers. The only one I know who has any experience herding cats is Auryn. It is to help those who are new and don't know our customs. And if some of us get out of hand, to gently guide them back.

Lord Knight Zihr of House Husky
Sworn Paladin to Baron Marciano Gibbs of the Eastern Territories


I'm willing to head up an Adventurer's Guild to start with and form some structural options for us to choose from at the next market day. Dose anyone have information about any of the Laws of Erribella or other counties in Evodia?

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well this might be a good idea to help new adventurers get up to speed with what is happening and to aid some of the others to keep on track with what needs doing. also at this point i am in the merchant Guild.

Iganeous Ironforge