The Slayers: a call to arms


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The Slayers were founded over a decade ago and several members still exist maintaining the good fight against chaos. With the magical change that has come to these lands the whole of the undead have changed with them. There are more than there were once before, and the variety of their natures is much wider and far reaching. What we no longer understand about them is extremely dangerous to all.

The Slayers are needed once again.

Below are the first few pages of the Book of the Sun, the Slayer codex. It explains what it means to be a Slayer. In a few weeks I will travel to the Fate's Compass Tavern outside of Dragonreach to speak with anyone who is interested in adding their strength to the Slayers, and in turn the Slayer's strengths to their own.
Be wise and be safe,
Zane Al'Vera
Order of the Emerald Flame
Master Slayer

The Slayers

The first month of the 18th year since the destruction of Tyrra

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Slayers are people unified in the defence of the living from the undead and minions of chaos. Slayers are loyal to a cause and how that cause binds each of us together. Anyone of any race, creed, loyalties, and oaths may join with the Slayers if their belief in the good fight against the undead and chaos is sincere.

Slayers have three duties:

  1. To oppose the undead and minions of chaos.

  2. Empowering the world against the great foe by spreading knowledge of our enemy.

  3. To assist other Slayers in these endeavors whenever possible.
We are the dawn, a shield against a world full of darkness, a weapon of light.

Slayers can be of any skill level so long as they are willing to contribute to the fight by brawn or brains. Above all Slayers have the responsibility to spread the knowledge we obtain to any who will listen and learn on how best to defend and fight against the undead.


No Slayer is expected to uproot their life, give up any loyalties, or violate any oath they have taken.

Becoming a Slayer is something you add to yourself, not a replacement for anything. It represents a common belief that the living should be defended from the horrors of chaos. Slayers live their lives as they wish, but now are bonded to many allies in our common goal.

No more, no less.

Slayer Rank and Titles


Knight - Warden - Precept

Master Slayer

There are 15 total accolades given for service rendered to the Slayers and the world. Each may be accomplished as a group or individually. Each Rank does not convey command over Slayers but rather honor and respect for a job well done. Ranks carry the responsibility to pass on everything you know, and support those who take up arms with you. The Slayers have a long tradition of ceaseless defence of the world. Slayers wear our achievements on our favor along with our accolade rank.


Rank of Knight: Path of War (Silver)
-Stand against a Horde
-Permanently Destroy a Greater Vampire
-Permanently Destroy a Liche
-Permanently Destroy a Mummy
-Permanently Destroy a Master-level Undead

Rank of Warden: Path of Healing (Gold)
-Rescue of a Slayer from a dire situation
-Plan and execute a successful campaign to destroy a hive
-Help a Slayer to achieve a Slayer rank.
-Redeem a worthy undead to the living
-Rid an area of powerful chaos taint upon nature

Rank of Precept: Path of Knowledge (Blue)
-Banish or Imprison an elemental prince-level “major” Chaos threat
-Plan and execute the destruction of a major stronghold of the element of Chaos
-Contribute a full page or equivalent to the Book of the Dead
-Discover three hidden enemy strongholds.
-Have your research directly result in 12 slayers achieve an accolade

Coat of Arms & Favors
The accolades earned by Slayers are represented individually from Slayer to Slayer. An accomplished task is represented by a symbol or favor of that path’s color attached to their colors. Any method can be utilized but must be consistent shapes/symbols. Once five accolades are earned in a specific path a rank symbol is placed on your colors:

Precept, Warden, Knight.

This symbol replaces all the colors of that path. The following examples are accolades being earned by a Slayer.

The first: a Precept Slayer who has earned Three War, and Two Healing Accolades.

The second: One War, Two Healing, Two Knowledge.

Once Rank is earned the remaining ten colored accolades of the other paths (in the previous example War and Healing) are accumulated until the rank of Master is obtained.

Bars Examples for Web.png

Title Examples:

Order of the Emerald Flame
Knight of the Slayers

Undead Slayer
Warden of the Slayers
Precept of the Slayers
Master Slayer

Achieving a rank in the Slayers on your path is granted by a ranked member of the path you have earned your accolades in. By example: Precept Slayers may grant the same rank to others if they are satisfied by the evidence presented of the newer Slayer’s achievements. The Slayer who grants the title affixes their name in testament and honor to the name of the newly raised Slayer and it is entered in the Book of the Sun, our codex and history.

Master Slayers may grant any accolade, and are the only ones who may grant the title of Master Slayer.

Slayer Ranks

Warden Precept Knight

Slayer Achievements

Accolades are not a matter of technical or semantic argument. Either you accomplished what was required of the task or you did not. If you have to ask then it is likely your work is unfinished.

Ranked slayers may ask for proof, witnesses, and so on before granting the accolade as completed. Each accolade earned must be documented in story and submitted to the Slayers to be entered in the Book of the Sun. These entries are important and are a requirement for elevation to any rank.

Master Slayers

One Slayer of Master rank is the Regional Master Slayer. Regions are defined simply as an area of influence. An example would be the Kingdom of Dragonreach. The Regional Master is responsible for information coordination and documentation to their local books of the Dead and Sun for that area.

Becoming a Slayer

At the time of this writing Zane Al’Vera is the only standing Master Slayer. However he is not a regional commander. Instead he will be acting as a guide who will also be earning accolades alongside all other new Slayers.

If you are interested seek out Zane or another Slayer to inquire about membership. Any Slayer of any rank may induct another one into our rosters. Slayers sponsor new Slayers with their name in honor along side the new recruit in the book of the Sun. They are responsible for their education into becoming a proper Slayer.

The Slayer coat of arms belt favor should be worn on the left side of the body either facing out or to the side, never behind you.

Be safe, be wise, be strong.
We are the Dawn

Slayers Concept Web.png
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Illarion (@Grianadhmad), take heed of this message. I fully expect you to commit to this cause.

If you do, I promise that I will show you how to stop using those weapons like a child and start using them like a wolf uses it's teeth to take down it's prey.

Well, at least as soon as we can get you fighting with a more appropriate style.

Order of the Emerald Flame


Master Al'Vera,

We will need to sit down at some point and finish our conversation.
You had my attention. Now you have my interest.

Stay safe, and may warm winds be at your back.

Dusty Moongazer
The Red Rapscallion

Dweller of Mathis' Basement (Willingly.)


South Michigan Staff
Yes apologies for not really having enough time to have a proper sit down about this. Rest assured that it will take place as soon as it is possible to do so.

In the mean time I’ll address questions sent to me here.

Of course anyone wishing to join with the Slayers will be done in person.



Link ⸴ after considering your words and the purpose of the slayers ⸴ and conferring with those to whom i hold an oath ⸴ i see no reason why i should not pursue this cause as you suggested · Your expertise in the manner of weapon wielding is exactly what i aspire to reach · And i can only continue to better protect those i am sworn to guard if my knowledge of weapon craft ⸴of the undead ⸴ and of chaos is bolstered in this way ·

Zane⸴ when next i am able to travel to kalinthas or i otherwise see you ⸴ i will take the opportunity immediately to follow through on this · I look forward to learning from you as well as from link ·

Regards ⸴
i.d.r.e. ·

This is both informative and intriguing! I would also like to speak with you regarding joining the Slayers next we meet.

- H. Geistbrenner


South Michigan Staff
I will taking a ship back to Kalinthas in the coming weeks. I invite anyone with questions about the Slayers or a place among them to travel with us back to the Luckless Dragon Tavern. I will do my best to make time to answer any and all questions posed there.



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To the Slayers and potential Slayers,

In the last two gatherings adventurers have come face to face with extreme levels of undead. I was very gratified to be a part of at least the great struggle on the Isle of Crypt. Our successes mean that the honor of accolades is due to many who fought against the undead. Weather or not you stood with Slayer colors or not, weather you only now wish to join, if you were instrumental in helping destroy these two massive infections of Chaos you are worthy of potentially several accolades.

Simply send to me a short missive of your involvement and any information you might have on our common foe. Even if it is only to pledge to our ranks and that you took place in either the struggle against the Pathergast hauntings or the undead Armies of Crypt make certain you send a letter to the Luckless Dragon tavern on the Kalinthas island of Popolos.

Rank of Knight: Path of War (Silver)
-Stand against a Horde -
A horde isn't simply a challenge against a vast army of undead, but to stand against a powerful and overwhelming enemy. To choose to fight back when all logic would say to run. To band together regardless of race, creed, title, loyalties, and stand as one as the Living against the threat of certain death with no end sight, is what it means to fight against a Horde.

For those that reclaimed the town against the undead and Banshee attacks on Crypt you have rightfully earned this accolade.

-Permanently Destroy a Liche-

Those who faced the lich army infesting the deepest parts of the crypt have surely made good on this accolade. Whether you faced them initially or did so in the final push to destroy their master, you are entitled to this accolade.

-Permanently Destroy a Mummy-

Those who faced the mummies of the Crypt did so at great personal peril to themselves. You have more than earned this accolade.

-Permanently Destroy a Master-level Undead-

For those that joined in the assault on the Master Lich I can say with some certainty you faced a master level undead with me. I am forever grateful to any who offered their service and risked their lives in this. You have earned this accolade.

I am currently conducting research to discover to what level the other progenitor undead were. If anyone can assist me with similar research I would be grateful. Should we discover that any of them were Master level undead the accolades will be awarded swiftly and appropriately. Due to their newly altered forms being certain of what their powers and capabilities is still very difficult. Its only due to my more direct contact with the Lich that I was able to determine a Master level undead had been created. Given that the force that created them is still free we should all be vigilant until such time that we can destroy The Blight.

Rank of Warden: Path of Healing (Gold)
-Rescue of a Slayer from a dire situation-

If you, as a Slayer or even a prospective Slayer, were saved by another Slayer then please send a missive bearing witness to the act.

-Plan and execute a successful campaign to destroy a hive-

This accolade rewards leadership and planning against a hive. Those that planned or lead the living against the Blight chaos infection on Crypt are most worthy of this accolade.

-Rid an area of powerful chaos taint upon nature-

Those that not only fought against the Crypt infection but also sought out the spirits of the island to fight back against the wounds of the Blight have begun the path to achieving the heights of this accolade. When The Blight is crippled and destroyed many of us will have fully earned this accolade.

Rank of Precept: Path of Knowledge (Blue)
-Banish or Imprison an elemental prince-level “major” Chaos threat-

The PathGaunt represents a rare and terrible Chaos threat against the world at large. Those that stood against it in the final fight in the haunted town of Steepfall have earned this accolade.

-Contribute a full page or equivalent to the Book of the Dead-

There is more than enough information to be collected over these two terrible forces for many to earn this accolade. Even repeating stories and documentation helps as it lets us narrow down the details.

I am traveling north in a few days to the gathering to aid in the war effort. Seek me out if you have questions. I will be glad to answer them.

Zane Al'Vera
Order of the Emerald Flame
Master Slayer