The Story Thus Far


Hi all, this is a quick OOG breakdown of IG information that is out in the world and that players can (and should) know going into the world within the Maelstrom, specifically as it pertains to the events surrounding Stormbreak Keep - the central setting of our story.

Pre Season 1:

The Cloud Empire claimed Stormbreak Keep for thousands of years but had let the once grand keep crumble to disrepair and ruin. Twenty years ago, Emperor Ernst Stratos announced that the slavery of Wylderkin was abolished and ushered in the 6th Era. The freed slaves discovered the area around Stormbreak Keep to be largely uninhabited wilderness and claimed it for their own and thus was the Free Nation of Wyndael born. The Empire had promised to help the new nation while its citizens learned to rule themselves and provide for defense. The Wylderkin formed a Ruling Council.

During negotiations two unrelated and devastating things happened; the first was that the Empire caught wind of a Stormborn Pirate attack on their neighbor Newhome (the newly founded Hobling nation) and sent all of Imperial troops in Wyndael to fight the Stormborn all but abandoning the territory. The second was that the Frostfang Trolls attacked en masse and took over Stormbreak keep. The Council went to the Empire to demand their promised military aid, but mysteriously disappeared from the negotiations. The Empire moved into the area to drive back a massive Troll force and, given the absence of the council - save for one member who had not been serving at the time (a Dog-Kin named Hundel) claimed the area. A resistance (or rebellious) movement formed to fight for Wylderkin freedom against the the Empire and its long history of hollow promises to the Wylderkin.

Season 1 Summary:

The Empire’s forces recaptured Stormbreak Keep and much of Wyndael from the Trolls who held it. Emperor Ernst Stratos issued a contest between two noble houses to see which of them should take over the ruling of Wyndael and Stormbreak Keep, since the Wylderkin Council disappeared and left a power vacuum. Houses Heinlein and Sterne sent people to represent their interests. The winner would be the House which handled the management of the land and the Keep best, and that House would absorb the former nation of Wyndael into their holdings. Meanwhile, Trolls from the Gorrah Glacier in the far North climbed over the Frostbite Mountain range and held the region in a tight grip. They were trying to build a magical cauldron in order to bolster their ranks with enhanced abilities and resurrect their powerful troll Emperor, Kraggok.

Embroiled by a war and a bloody insurgency, the House representatives found courage and strength in an unexpected place: each other. With the help of the influx of volunteers from all over the Maelstrom to the front, the Keep held against the Trolls and defeated them and destroyed their cauldron. One powerful Troll managed to escape, a wizard named Tu’throk, but has been chased all winter by the forces of the newly formed House Wyndael.

Pre Season 2:

Victory over the Trolls was hard to savor. Blood for Blood, a Wylderkin insurgent group bent on making the Empire pay for its many affronts against the Wylderkin People, is still making violent attacks against the newly minted House Wyndael in effort to drive the invaders out of what they see as their rightful homeland. The winter has been harsh, food is largely difficult to come by, and House Wyndael is still struggling to get on its feet. Amidst the challenges, the two High Magnates from Houses Sterne and Heinlein were wed to seal the alliance, their cabinets merged. High Magnate Izikel Ryatt and High Magnate Elizabeth Keenan now jointly rule House Wyndael, and preside over a very dangerous time.