The Vigilant meeting to discuss recent ghoul attacks

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    Heard of recent ghoul attacks in New Acarthia? Travelers accosted at dark roads at night, eaten alive, and several resurrected. Belongings stolen, people tricked, something needs to be done about this!

    The Vigilant is hosting a meeting in the

    Town Hall at 1 bell in the afternoon on Saturday, 24 June

    to compare notes on what we know about these ghouls. Only through careful observation of our enemy and working together can we defeat a clever and sinister foe like these ghouls.

    If you know ANYTHING at all about these ghouls, join The Vigilant for this meeting on Saturday!

    The Vigilant needs you!

    We are a diverse order dedicated to the protection of the living from the undead. We guard the roads and byways of Acarthia. We protect the homes outside city walls and away from the Town Watch. The Vigilant watches over those who have no land, no coin, no lord, no guardian. We investigate the rumors of necromancy and foul practice, to guard against their spread, and protect the falsely accused from jealousy and slander. We guard through the long night until the people of Acarthia see their way to daylight on the other side.

    The Vigilant has chapters in every barony of Acarthia, throughout its largest cities and on the roads and in spaces between. We act quickly to address local problems, and share information with our fellows nearby.

    New Acarthia is organizing its local chapter now. Do you hate the undead? Do you pity them and seek their rest?
    Who will join The Vigilant in our fight against undead?​

    I will attend the meeting of your Healers Guild in New Acarthia on Friday, 23 June, to begin recruiting there.

    Carry this word to all members of The Vigilant in your area, that they know help is on the way.

    Bastion Pond
    Vigilant of Wolfwatch Keep, Tiatar
    Aspirant Man-at-Arms to Squire Patrick Tiree​
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    I shall be there in attendance as well.

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