The Wyndael Word - July, 21, 6e

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The Wyndael Word

All the news of Wyndael!

July, 21, 6E

Luin Geifer Makes Claim to Imperial Throne

In the last days of June, the High Magnates Elizabeth Keenan and Ezikiel Ryatt made a startling announcement. With Luin Geifer, the former Overlord of House Geifer by their side they explained that Luin had presented them with evidence that he was the elder half brother of Emperor Ernst Stratos, and as such was making a claim to the Imperial Throne. Amid the surprised adventurers of Wyndael, Magnate Ryatt then announced that House Wyndael had declared for Luin and would back his claim, and immediately called the House’s Cabinet in for an emergency meeting.

Many adventurers were heard to nervously ask “Does that mean we’re at war with the Empire?”

The Cabinet met for some time, but High Magnate Ryatt emerged a short time after calling the meeting to assuage the citizens. He informed them that the evidence he’d seen had been compelling and that Luin had promised to return control of Wyndael to the Wylderkin people and renounce the Empire’s claim on it in exchange for the aid of House Wyndael. “I want what is best for the Wylderkin of this land, and this is the way to achieve their freedom,” the High Magnate was heard to declare.

The High Magnates and Luin had called the Overlords of the Great Houses to Wyndael and informed them of Luin’s claim and Wyndael’s decision to back them. Luin Geifer hoped to get each of the great houses to support him, as the Assembly of House could legally force Regent Vikkin to step aside for him if there was a unanimous vote. Evidently the initial meeting had not gone well though and House Wyndael’s Cabinet (Greyson McAllister, Roark, Mardex Snowfang, Tibialis, Sasha Greymantle and Oxalis of Wyndael) sought meetings with each of the Overmagnates to attempt to convince them to back Luin’s claim.

It is rumored that the Empire may have learned of Luin’s claim even before the Overmangates had made their decisions though, as a Talon Company Gryphon identified as Offizer Jennis Kevol flew into the area and assassinated Luin. Roark, Ace, and Donovan made valiant efforts to rescue Luin but were struck down by Jennis who immediately provided first aid to Roark followed by healing. Overlady Kitty Verger, who had just pledged her house to Luin’s cause, attempted to order Kevol to stand aside, but she was ignored. In the end, no one was able to get help to Luin in time and he was forced to resurrect.

Offizer Kevol’s purpose in Wyndael is shrouded in some mystery. He was the only person to surface from Emperor Ernst’s entourage that vanished last year, but he was severely confused and his mental faculties appear to have been compromised. He was recovered by the adventurers of Wyndael last year and given over to Barilise and High Inquisitor Carlow to be taken for treatment. A letter arrived stating he’d escaped the day before the attack, but some called it suspicious that he’d escape right as Luin asserted his claim. Roark has stated that he believed he attacked because Luin Geifer was considered an enemy of the Empire and Offizer Kevol was operating more on instinct than rational thought. However, unconfirmed reports of Baralise being seen in the area cast some doubt on that theory.

After two days of negotiations Wyndael’s cabinet was able to convince Houses Sterne, Verger and Meer to support Luin’s claim and House Heinlein pledged material aid, though they refused to field troops for a former slaver lord. Houses Mithril and Geifer declared they would remain loyal to House Stratos. Without those two Houses backing Luin, the hope of the Assembly putting him on the throne without bloodshed seems dashed, and a Civil War seems inevitable. So far there has been no word from Wolkenstadt.

Loray Revealed as Head of Blood for Blood!

Assistant Guildmaster Loray was recently discovered to be the leader of Blood for Blood, the violent insurrection group bent on removing all Imperial control of Wyndael via violence. The revelation came recently after High Magnate Izikiel Ryatt managed to secure a secret meeting with the leadership of Blood for Blood to try to broker a peace and end the violence. Hoping that the local Wylderkin could help him convince the bloodthirsty group Ryatt led a group with Loray, Cabinet Member Mardex, Cabinet Member Tibialis, and Ironclaw the Wolfkin. Expecting to meet with the new leader of the attacks on town, Mannius, they were instead confronted by a handful of kin lead by a Sealkin named Notil.

Notil explained that Mannius was busy and had sent him. Ryatt reportedly became angry, stating that he’d come in good faith to meet the leader of Blood for Blood and was being met with more games. With that Loray stepped in front of the High Magnate and stated he was now meeting with the leader. Shocked, Ryatt could only stare at her for a few moments. In disbelief he quietly said. “ murdered people? You stole from us? You burned down our house!”

Quietly, Loray stated that all she did, she did for her people. Ryatt told Loray what she already knew, that he wanted Blood for Blood to aid House Wyndael in the struggle to put Luin Geifer on the throne because he had promised to renounce Imperial claim to the region once in power.

Loray explained that she did not trust the Empire, that she did not trust House Wyndael, that she did not trust Imperials, but that she trusted Izikel Ryatt the man, and that she would trust him to keep his word.

At this there was an outcry amongst Notil and his group. He demanded to know why Loray was selling out the cause and giving in to the Empire. She quietly explained that this was the only path for the Wylderkin to get their land back. Notil angrily declared Loray a traitor and, using the power of the Curse that has been affecting people, ordered his people to attack. Many of them went mad and started attacking anyone they could get their hands on (including Ryatt’s party). Some didn’t appear under the influence, but still attacked, calling Loray a traitor. One Kin declared that Loray was their leader and the only one who could help them and leapt to the defense of Ryatt’s party, battling his compatriots.

The battle was fierce, but short, with Notil and his companions laid low. High Magnate Ryatt told Loray that while he would accept an alliance with her to free Wyndael and try to rebuild it after Luin Geifer freed the area from Imperial rule, she had no place in his House. She explained she understood and departed with the Wylderkin loyal to her to try to mobilize those not yet affected by the Curse or loyal to Mannius.

Loray remains under House Wyndael arrest pending her trial, though she is allowed to move about the Province under guard.

High Magnates Expand Cabinet

High Magnates Elizabeth Keenan and Izikiel Ryatt have expanded their cabinet to include the Spiderkin Tibialis, the Storm’ren Sasha Greymantle and the Boarkin Oxalis of Wyndael. All three have accepted. This doubles the size of the cabinet, as these new members join Greyson McAllister, Mardex Snowfang and Roark on the cabinet.

“These are good people. They have in their hearts a deep dedication to the people of Wyndael and helping them to build their society and make it a true place of freedom for the Wylderkin people,” High Magnate Ryatt stated.

Orcs Continue to Plague Wyndael

The orcs known as the Koh’Stoh have continued to plague the area. After twice scattering the assembled adventurers of Wyndael to their wards within Stormbreak Keep last month, the beasts turned their actions to the populace, striking farmsteads and hamlets and slaying, kidnapping, or in some horrifying cases consuming the flesh of Wyndael citizens. The guard of House Wyndael, under the command of Captain Drata Fortingard and Captain Jaylin Barrol, have led sorties against the orcs, often with mixed results. Even in the victories, however, soldiers and citizens alike have contracted the strange hungering affliction (also called the Curse by some) after encounters with the orcs.

Indeed, the trend appeared unbroken when the orcs again returned. The adventurers this time stood to fight them, and the battle ended in disaster. A dozen of Stormbreak Keep’s brave defenders resurrected, and the orcs departed to continue to harass the countryside.

The next day, however, was different. On the dark summer night the blue elf spirit that some have started to call the Harbinger (since the Koh’Stoh Orcs always follow her appearances) appeared outside of Stormbreak Keep, as she had the day before when the disastrous battle had taken place. Some of the adventurers, most notably the visiting Quyah'scenthaali called Mari, approached her and attempted to engage her in conversation.

Shortly after her appearance though, and as expected, a large force of orcs marched into the area, led by Warmaster Ko’Dolaan and the undead orc called Goretongue. The fighting was fierce, but this time the defenders were victorious. Slaying the orcs to a man, they were able to land blow after blow on Goretonue and Ko’Dolaan, the self-proclaimed Warlord of the Koh’Stoh. WIth a parting declaration of “Y’all dun pissed me off,” Goretongue recalled his spirit from the field, leaving the warchief to fend for himself. Ko’Dolaan was quickly slain, marking the first major victory for Wyndael over the Koh’Stoh.

It’s still unknown what the connection between the elf spirit and the orcs is, though there are reports that two elves from Quyah'scenthaal traveled to Wyndael to treat with Mari and the dryad known as Aleeha, presumably on this matter.

In related news a Regent Vikkin Stratos decreed that the orc attacks show the continued aggression of the Kingdom of Orentis against the Empire’s territory and has ordered all Kesh within the Empire’s borders to leave by the end of the Summer or face punishment under Imperial Law. Further, he ordered the immediate expulsion of Tamar, the Orentis ambassador, from Wolkenstadt. Imperial forces arrived at Tamar’s residence in the capital to execute the order, resulting a brief skirmish before Tamar and his entourage departed.

Regent Vikkin has decreed that if Orentis “does not control their Orc citizens” the Empire would have no choice but to view the continued attacks as an act of war. In response Orentis again stressed that the Ko’Stoh are not connected to them, and encouraged the Empire to wipe them out if they desired and were able. King Zekk, the ruler of Orentis added “These cannibal monsters are not Kesh. Any attack on real Kesh or breach of our borders will result in us reminding the Empire what it is to do battle with the Kesh.” The 4th Legion, stationed in the Verdant Lands, has been put on high alert to guard against aggression from Orentis.

Stormborn Raid Wyndael

The Stormborn have come to Wyndael, raiding and pillaging our people. It’s unknown why these raders came here or traveled so far inland, however some rumors state that Blood for Blood had invited them to explore a possible alliance against the Empire. Regardless of the reasons, they came to Wyndael and caused a great deal of havoc. Throughout their visit they raided many homes and hamlets, looting what meagre valuables the Wylderkin had and capturing several as slaves. On multiple occasions the heroes of Wyndael intervened, slaying the savage raiders and freeing their would-be slaves.

Still, there were far more Stormborn than could be stopped, and word came that they had set up camp in a nearby cave. Led by House Wyndael’s Cabinet, the adventurers marched to the cave. There they found that the Stormborn Captain had already taken several of his crew and their slaves and valuables and left for the ship. Fortunately the heroes were able to catch some of the crew and the First Mate, who had tarried to collect some final treasure and a Bunnykin as a slave.

The Stormborn refused to surrender and a fierce battle ensued. At one point the Stormborn had managed to capture Cabinet Member Roark, Ironclaw the Wolfkin, Etta the Selunari and another adventurer as slaves, however as the fight turned against the Stormborn, the First Mate took the unconscious Roark and attempted to escape with him as a slave, abandoning the others.

Cabinet Member Greyson McAllister bravely charged after the first mate, capturing him in binding magic that held until the rest of the heroes caught up and slew the vile Stormborn, freeing Roark. The Stormborn seem to have fled Wyndael, and unconfirmed reports indicate that Imperial ships saw a Stormborn ship leaving Maelstrom Bay the following day.

It is unknown at this time how many Wyndael citizens have been captured as Stormborn slaves.

A Word from the Magnates

Citizens of Wyndael,

I have two things I must tell you. The first is that a strange obelisk has been found in the woods near Stormbreak Keep. Do not approach it. Touching the pillar causes the release of some kind of corrupted energy bolts that hit random woodland creatures and mutates them into slavering beasts that invariably attack. The purpose and nature of this structure are not known and the only things it has shown are hostility and danger. Keep well away.

The other thing I must tell you is political in nature. High Magnate Ryatt and I have given our support to his Eminence, Luin Giefer, as the true and rightful ruler of the Cloud Empire. We have enough evidence verifying his claim that my husband and I have been swayed. This is no small matter, and there is much opposition among the Great Houses. We have done our best to treat with our peers, but not everyone would pledge themselves to support Luin Giefer’s legitimate claim to the throne. Why would we involve you and ourselves in such a thing that has so little to do with this little provence? Our interest in the outcome is concern for you, the citizens of Wyndael. Emperor Luin Giefer has vowed to release the lands and people of Wyndael from the Empire entirely and in perpetuity when he ascends the throne. This would bring true freedom to all Kin in the Wyndael! So please, stand with us to gain what should always have been yours!

Yours in Service,

High Magnate Elizabeth Keenan

My fellow Kin of Wyndael.

We stand at a point in which our future will be determined. House Wyndael and the rightful Emperor of the Cloud Empire Luinn Geifer are set to pursue his claim upon the throne. This is not just an important moment in their history but will be an important part of our history. A deal has been struck by High Magnates Ryatt and Keenan that if Luinn Geifer succeeds with his claim, he has promised that Wyndael would be made a free nation for us to govern on our own. I understand it would be hard to trust one with the history of Luinn Geifer but we have an opportunity to obtain what we all want for our race, an independent nation governed by ourselves for ourselves. People we have shown scorn for quite possibly will be spilling blood that will secure this future for us. I have a question for you though, what will we do to make sure that this opportunity does not pass us by? Will we sit idly by? Will they honor their promise to us if we just sit and wait to see the outcome, or do we decide now to put aside all the pain of the past to secure the future we all desire?

We must make an accounting of ourselves on the stage of this conflict. If Luinn Geifer fails we lose all. The Empire will come back and take our lands, slaughter those who would fight, and enslave our children again for generations. Will we sit idly by and allow this to happen? I say no! We shall say to those that currently sit in power that we will not allow this to happen. Blood for Blood was not the way but if we side now with those that would promise to set us free, to fight beside them and help them with their claim, help them gain their rightful place in the Empire, perhaps this time we will succeed in securing our own nation for generations to come.

I ask you, my fellow kin, that we show those that would give us our freedom that we will stand with them. Do not forget the past but do not let it keep us from our future. Instead of dwelling in the dark of the past let us seek out, let us hunt for the light of a bright future! I ask you to come train and form our own force that would fight for a right that all sentient beings should have, freedom and a land to claim as our own. I say to you, to those who are willing to risk all to come to Stormbreak Keep, let us show them exactly who the Kin are and what we are willing to do to earn that right! For our freedom, for our future, and for a nation that we can secure for generations to come, let us show the Empire who we truly are!

Mardex Gr’th Snowfang of Wyndeal
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