This Market Gather Information


Chicago Staff
Good morning all!

If you are an earth caster or have the ability of High Magicks, I would request you memorize at least one Earth Blade or the ability to swing for healing at all times. During my time here in the town, there has been a larger number of undead creatures rising from the ground or appearing from a miasma as we witnessed last gather. Please also note these undead do appear to be stronger in nature as well as have different abilities than what we fought before. In smaller numbers they have not been an issue for myself and others that are here. If they come in mass, this WILL be a problem for the settlement.

I am deeply concerned by this uptick of undeath as the information that we were given before states that these abominations should not be here unless there is a larger concentration of Necromancy cast. Something I believe we need to look into post hate. Please be safe on your journeys back to the settlement. I will see everyone tonight.

~Glenn Steelfang Stormwolf
Guardian of the First Tree