To Everyone At Big West, from a new player.


Well technically an NPC.

This was my first LARP experience ever, and it was over my birthday weekend.

To say I was nervous would be an understatement.

I want to start off by saying a thank you to everyone for being awesome, kind, friendly, warm, and helpful.
Marshals, staff, players, and fellow NPCs alike; you were all patient with me and made the experience great.

I hope, and feel like, I didn't do too terrible a job and at least contributed to a memorable experience for some of you players. That means a lot.

The costumes and props and roleplaying going on all around was a treasure to behold.

A special shout out to the guys in my cabin for dealing with me making a racket at night.
To each player that apologized way too much when I got hit in the face with a packet.
To Brandon you were the first one to say Hi to me at the event, I am glad you got to play a big part.
To the amazing orc, Garnet, who was simply a delight to watch.
To Courtney for that extra help on Sunday Night.
To the other newbie NPCs for also being brave enough to show up so I wasn't the only one.
And especially to everyone who talked with Deiter the Drunk at dinner on Saturday Night that was my favorite part.

Big West was definitely the best Birthday I have ever had.
Again, Thank you to everyone who was involved.