To Kill That Which is Dead


Judas wandered around Calanhelm, his mind trying to comprehend everything that had been happening. There was an abundance of information he had been able to find, though most of it was all preliminary findings. Minor undead traits, brief listings of necromancy cases in the past... It wasn't enough. There needed to be more, and while it was evident that there was plenty available, it became rather evident that the Earth Weavers were a protective bunch, not wanting for their place in the world to be lost to just anyone. And this was an admirable aspiration, even though Judas had no intention of stripping that from them, it was still something to be aware of. The time to return to the Lux, and his duties was drawing near. However, there was something that needed to be addressed. With a heaving sigh, Judas wandered down the streets he had taken so many times before, to the Earth Weaver's hall.

Upon opening the large doors, Judas walks in, and instead of checking in and visiting the guest section of the library as he had many times before, this time he approaches the main desk. "Hello again, good to see you." He states, nodding his head in a greeting. "I would like to thank you for the kindness you have shown me in the past few months allowing me to study, sometimes for hours on end, about the knowledge you make available to your guests. Today though, I have a different goal."

Judas lets in a deep sigh, steeling himself for his second throw of allegiance in a short period of time. First to House Therion, and now...

"I would like to formally request membership to join the Earth Weavers. My skills in magic are not developed anywhere near as much as some of your other initiates, I'm sure. However, I am willing to learn any that may be required, and I am committed to eliminating undeath from this world. I have been attempting to find a way to do so on my own for a few months, though I have been told many times that you are the best in the field, and I would be better to join the ranks instead of forge my own.

Judas stands there in front of the desk, waiting on the reply. A strange sense of both calm and adrenaline courses through him, as he awaits a response.


The old woman at the desk looks at you through her glasses. "You're not a member yet? That is surprising. If you already have some skill in Earth-Casting, I can register you here, however, you will need to seek out a Master in person to officially become a member of the guild." She hauls a large, old book from under the desk an flips though it to an page half-filled with names and readies her quill. "Name?"

***Out of Game: members can only be added to guild at game.***


Judas squirms a bit after the woman’s statement. “No, I am not presently a member. And as for Earth Casting... well, I haven’t yet actually been able to grant someone healing yet, or any other things that the casters are known for.”

Judas shakes his head. That wouldn’t matter. He would find a mentor, find a way to hone his talents so that he would be able to fit. There was no place for necromancy in this world, and if he was to have any sort of agency with which to eradicate them... this would be required.

“My name is Judas Skyshroud.” A small silence lingers, before he pipes up again. “Oh, of house Theron. Judas Skyshroud of House Therion. I’ve still got to get used to that addition.”