To New Beginnings


Viktor Hook is no more. His body has crumbled and his spirit sent on to its proper rest. A new Elven kingdom is forming.

And all of this is thanks to you.

We came together. I saw how much everyone strove to give their all, in whatever means they could. To Thaddeus Maximus and the other 2,000 Ternian refugees that gave a part of their lives to ensure the return of all of their kin that were afflicted by Hook's powers, we cannot thank you enough. To the Cupbearers, the Squires and the Nobles, your dedication to your duties and willingness to go above and beyond were noticed in kind this past weekend. To those who offered up knowledge, time and experience; those who offered their strength of arms, mind and heart; we could not have accomplished this task without you.

The First Tree survives and remains due to your noble efforts in ensuring Viktor's demise. Let us take all time the moments of recovery now. Rest, rejuvenate, and reflect upon all that that happened. We have been given a chance at a new beginning here. Let us make sure we do our best to make the most of it.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

~Glenn Stormwolf
Guardian of the First Tree