To the guardians and friends of our friends the Honey Fae

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    I hope that everyone is as excited about something of a field trip into the wilds of Ungsteen as I am! While we're away, however, do our little friends the Honey Fae in New Acarthia have everything they need? Do they need anything further... a contingent of baronial soldiers to guard them? All the platinum in my baronial treasury to fund a summer picnic? How about just some new flowers planted before we depart?

    In service to Acarthia, great and small,
    Baroness Katherine Rivervale
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    From Lyari Valyric:
    Hello Baroness Katherine Rivervale,
    I received your letter and thought it was a wonderful idea to plant some flowers by their village before we leave next week. Thank you for thinking of them.
    Sincerely, Lyari

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