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  1. Bigens73

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    Hey just thinking as I was watching the news the other day And see that Boy Scouts might be Filing Chapter 11.
    Is this going to adversely affect our current playing location? Wasnt sure just figured i would check with you guys.
  2. Johanna

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    I am involved in the boy scouts at the troop level and pack level. I can safely say, it will not. Boy scouts is a big organization. World wide even. It wont affect us at the local level for camps. Stearns is used a lot by both troops and packs. Dont let the media scare you. They are out to sensationalize a whole lot.
  3. Johanna

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    Here is a letter sent out to members of Scouts... This should answer your question with more authority than my wimpy answer, Bryce.

    Dear Scouting Family,
    As we celebrate the holidays and think about our many blessings, we should also be thankful for a strong, vibrant Scouting program for our children.

    As you gather with friends and family, you may be asked about the recent national news regarding the finances of our national organization, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). The news stories about a potential bankruptcy filing have to do with the National Council only, headquartered in Dallas. You can explain that although Northern Star Council is affiliated with our national organization, Northern Star Council is a separately incorporated non-profit organization (in Minnesota) with our own board and full control of our own camps and endowment and Friends of Scouting gifts.

    Media coverage and other information sources have speculated about multiple reasons for a possible financial reorganization of the national organization, including significant business investments affecting cash flow, and resulting threat to National Council assets if more states decide to suspend the statute of limitations for child abuse claims.

    None of this applies to Northern Star Scouting. Our council is in good shape financially, with no debt, and we are not included in any litigation. We expect to earn "Gold" status in 2018 on the performance scorecard called Journey to Excellence, which rates us on key metrics for program quality, recruiting youth, and fiscal strength.
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    Thanks Amy.
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    just out of curiousity, has anyone seen the event listing for this year yet??

    David Raatz
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