To Those Who Seek to Rebuild the Order of the Silver Rose

Greetings to the women of Fortannis,

Many of you may remember the events of the Neverwhen where Briar Rose told those of us in attendance of an ancient order of women warriors dedicated to protecting Fortannis against the threats that rally against and seek to corrupt our homes.

Many of us stood together and resolved to work towards discovering the secrets and rebuilding this order.

In the lands of The Maelstrom we have gained some progress in our search for answers, though not much, as we are often distracted by the vile outsiders which dog our every step. I have become curious if those of you have had luck investigating the history of the order in your own lands? If you are inclined to share myself and others would love to hear what you have found.

Further, we have come to discover that it is likely that a relic of the Order is hidden away, likely hoarded by our Outsider enemies though (to my understanding) that is conjecture at this point. For those of you that might seek to answer my brother Shin's call to aid in the lands of the Maelstrom ((OOG: Are planning on attending Big West)), we hope that with our numbers bolstered we might launch and effort to recover this relic from our enemies. I sadly do not have more information than that at this time, as the results of investigation have been slim, but if you are so inclined it was an honor to stand beside you in the Neverwhen and it will be an honor to stand beside you again.

Safe dreaming, my friends. I look forward to reuniting with many of you in our waking hours soon.

In Service,

Knight Candidate Marisa Silverrose
House Phoenix
Guardians of the New Moon
Order of the Silver Rose

P.S. My surname and the name of this order are a happy, but inspiring, coincidence... At least to the best of my knowledge.
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Greetings Marisa, and sisters of Fortannis,

Though I was not present in the Neverwhen, I have since learned of the Order of the Silver Rose and have fought in its name.

I am not a powerful fighter, but I believe that information, properly utilized, can be as cutting a weapon as any blade. I make the same offer to the Order as I did for the war efforts against the Outsider scourge - to gather and evaluate any information about our cause, and to ensure that our warriors are as well armed with knowledge as they are with weapons and magics.

If anyone is willing to share what they know about the Order, please do so. And do not feel constrained by what you believe others may already know, as in my experience common knowledge is anything but.

My thanks to you, Marisa, for broaching this topic. I look forward to standing beside you in the name of the Order once again.

Clerk Pluvianella Charbonneau
Senior Underscholar, Winter Vale College of Magic and Sciences
Initiate of the Speakers of the Land


Greetins' Sister of Fortannis,

I, Like me good friend plue, was also not present in the Neverwhen, but have since learned of the Order of The Silver rose and have activly pursued it to the best of me abilities.

I have since learn'd through some visions I had that the relic we seek is inside of the outsider prison. Should we be abl' to get inside, I will do all I can to find where I know it should Lie.

I hope and know I will have yer help in this matter my fellow sisters.

See you there

In Honor and In Service,
Squire Hildr'
House Phoenix
Member of Adventures Club


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Marisa and others,

At Hildr's request, I am going to attempt to receive a dream about this relic. If anyone is able to provide me any information about the contents of this book, or its significance to the order, it will likely help me to focus my dreams.

Thank you,

tolgar undershaft

San Francisco Staff
If you require anything to help you get up and running please let me know

Sir Tolgar Undershaft
Knight Commander of the Order of Morgan
Sir Tolgar,

You kindness and support is appreciated, as always. I hope to get a chance to speak with others in the coming days and get a more solid idea of what we are facing and what we may need to combat it.

Thank you.



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((This is not a post from my player character, but as a cast character and a staff member of big west))

An unfamiliar voice is heard through the dreamscape…

“To those who wish to rebuild and join the order and even those that seek to assist us in this task…

I fear that this method of communication may not be safe. You do not know me, but I am a friend. I do not wish to reveal my identity until we can meet in a secure location. I will happily share all that I know at this upcoming gathering and answer any questions you may have. Until we can find a way to guarantee that this method of communication is secure, I urge all of you to limit what information you share through the dreamscape and encourage open communication in person.

I look forward to meeting all of you, until then be safe and be cautious."