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Discussion in 'Traverse City: Out of Game' started by brconvery, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. brconvery

    brconvery Newbie Traverse City Staff

    Hey all,
    I can't seem to find the paper with the desired items of the tournament winners. I know who won what, but not the item you wanted. Please either post here or private message me as to what you wanted.

    Gauntlet (arcane armor suit of choice): The Wee MyWe from Wayside; I need to know the amount of armor decided and if I remember correctly you didn't care what the rep was.

    Archery (+3 DA bow): Grey; what kind of bow?

    Grand Melee (+3 DA weapon): Dave G; what kind of weapon

    Mystic energy accuaracy (10 level spell store): Kunzeo; what kind of rep do you want?

    If people who do read the boards know people who won don't read the boards, please help them respond at least a week prior to the first event.

    Thank you,
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  2. Alkalin3

    Alkalin3 Scout South Michigan Staff Marshal

    Emma is the name of the Arcane Armor winner.
  3. Kitaruen

    Kitaruen Templar Owner Chicago Staff

    She is a rogue so go 25pts
  4. brconvery

    brconvery Newbie Traverse City Staff

    Thank you Inger and Rob.
  5. TadRon

    TadRon Rogue Owner Traverse City Staff

    Pretty sure Grey and Kunzio don't read the boards so I will text them. I will send Dave G a message as well.
  6. Lurin

    Lurin Count Owner Southern Minnesota Staff Chicago Staff

    Dave G is on it already sir ^.^
  7. Anique

    Anique Adept

    Kunzio would like a pouch (I assume to carry the mystic energy in for the spell store, since he doesn't generally have any!). He doesn't care what size/style.
  8. Saro

    Saro Newbie

    I bought the bow from Grey. I'm sure you still have to talk to him to confirm that, but just so you know.
  9. brconvery

    brconvery Newbie Traverse City Staff

    I don't remember the purchase but I remember you were getting the bow. What kind and do you have a color preferance?
  10. Saro

    Saro Newbie

    Long bow,
    color preference in this order gold, copper, brown, green
    And if I have to chose between earth and celestial, earth.
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