Town Meetings for January

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    We are planning 2 town meetings for this coming gather.

    The first is friday night, around 10:30. This one will be brief. Mostly for people to share information they might have about this gather. As well as for the guilds to recruit and give updates of there goings on. As well as discuss the forming of a Militia to help new adventurers going forward.

    The second town meeting will be at 3pm on saturday in the tavern, timing to be flexible as battles arise. At the meeting, we will try and update everyone on the goings on of the gather. Pass around important information, it is a good time to ask any questions of the guild leaders or town nobles. We will try and keep it brief.

    Keep in mind you dont need to wait to share any information you think is important to our cause or Stradyn in general. Feel free to find myself, any of the Local Knights, Esquires and Squires or Guild Leaders.

    If you have any questions comments or concerns feel free to put them here or message me privately. Such as wanting to speak at a town meeting or have a certain topic covered.


    Sir Tantarus Andrada, Knight of Stradyn
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