Town Supplies


Wisconsin Staff
With the recent intruder entering our storehouse, I have been going over our stock of materials, and checked to see exactly what we have to work with. If there is anyone who has supplies tucked away that could get them to us, It would be greatly appreciated. We have just over a hundred citizens of our village, and no where near that in housing.

Once the houses are finished building, we will have just enough spaces for 72 or so people. If we can gather the cloth we need, I hope to get a Barracks built and that can squeeze in the remaining people. But if we do find any more people over the winter, we will have no place for them.

Please, contact me if you have anything to donate.

Foreman Oliver
((OOG: Anyone who has City Building Materials, please send an email to plot, and please let us know if you are letting Oliver know of them as well))