Town Update

With the first gathering of the season approaching, I would like to take this time to go over the current state of the adventurers of Erabella. Though it feels like much longer to everyone, it has only truly been a matter of months since we last gathered together to put an end to the Royalist war. A new Minister Council has been established as the ruling power of Erabella, with Cardan Powell as its Prime Minister. We adventurers have been recognized as citizens of Erabella and are protected under its laws, but our statusas adventurers is currently not officially recognized. Please keep this in mind as we strive to cooperate with this new council. Though some threats may loom in the future, we are currently at peace.

As we head into this new season, I would like to announce that the town box will be offering additional services. They are as follows:

  • Any weapon in the town box may be used by an adventurer as long as they are in Erabella during the time of a gathering. Should the weapon break or become unusable, they will not be required to replace it but we ask that adventurers return the weapons they borrow to the town box at the end of the gathering.
  • Cleansing blighted undead is a service to Erabella as a whole and, as such, any group of adventurers dealing with the undead will be provided cure disease potions from the town box. The exact number provided will be determined by the difficulty of the task but will be at least one per adventurer. They will be provided prior to the task and potions used in these tasks will not be expected to be replaced, but any potions not used should be returned to the town box.
  • The town box will provide compensation for ritual casters who render their services for the town. Components will be provided from what the town box has in its supply or gold at the accepted market value if no components are available. Casters will additionally be compensated two gold per 5 minutes of casting the ritual requires, with possible additional compensation for rituals with dangerous backlashes or excessive difficulty.
  • New adventurers attending their first or second gathering will be provided a one time payment from the town box of two gold. This is meant to be partly an acknowledgment of the laws of Erabella on the adventurers part and partly investment in the new adventurers on the part of our community.

The town box inventory is as follows.
5 pt x1
10 pt x2
15 pt x2
19 pt x1
20 pt x4

Shield x10
Longsword x10
Shortsword x4
Spear x1
Long hammer x2
Short mace x2
Short hammer x1
Dagger x2
Hatchet x1
Polearm x3
Two handed sword x2
Two handed blunt x1
Longbow x3
Shortbow x3
Heavy crossbow x4
Light crossbow x1

Potions and Elixirs
Antidote elixir x6
Euphoria antidote x1
Enslavement antidote x1
Cure disease potion x37
Cure wounds 5 x50
Purify potion x1

Ritual Scrolls
Planar asylum x2
Seek the whole x3
Summon magical creature
Whispering wind x2
Merchant insight
Banish to other plane
March of the untiring x2
Universal speech
Spirit farewell

Nightshade x2
Heartstone x2
Cariosus x2
Jetsam x3
Ley ore x7
Penna x6

31 copper
49 silver
32 gold
For a total of 37.22 gold

There are also a few items which have no purpose to the box and are waiting to be sold to a vendor. The proceeds will go back into the box.

That is all I have to say for now. If you have forgotten any events of the last year, need a review of any events, or just have any questions please ask them here so we can share that knowledge with all the Adventurers of Erabella. Thank you.

Zen Mallowbrooks
Administrator of the Town Box


Good Administrator Zen,

I hear you seek the coin of a vendor to unload some wares. Allow me to introduce myself to you, and re-introduce myself to more experienced adventurers.

I am Cho Ko Nu. In my adventuring career, I was a very successful member of both the Traders Guild and Brokers Guild of lands far away. I even had a rank in the Brokers Guild named after me. I funded many town projects, personally spending hundreds of my own gold coins.

In the final battles with our greatest enemy, I suffered my last resurrection, so with only one life left, I retired from actively adventuring. However, in the years since, I found my heart still yearning for adventure. I have decided to return to the adventuring community to open up a traveling store to help adventurers acquire their supplies.

I will be selling all manner of armor, weapons, potions, scrolls, traps, and alchemical supplies. To that end, I need initial products to sell, so I offer to purchase the unwanted wares from the town box, and possibly make a deal to provide or trade out more supplies to it in the future. This arrangement would have the goal of making sure the adventurers have the best supplies available for whatever adventures may come, rather than simply supplying me with more gold.

If this arrangement works for you and the adventurers, let us celebrate this agreement at the next market day!

Also if any have noticed that my communication style is more developed than before, some strange magic has changed me, and I no longer find myself naturally tied to the land.

-Cho Ko Nu


An update since my initial offer: I have been made aware of more merchants in town than in my past adventuring experience, so while I shall still uphold my previous offer to buy the unwanted items, I will no longer be pursuing a goal of an adventurer's store, as that position is already filled by several others. I shall see what better need I may fill in the adventuring community in the coming days.

-Cho Ko Nu


Chicago Staff
Please don't let Gerty and I deter you, I rarely have any excess goods and really only deal in Blacksmithing and Brews.



Chicago Staff
Wisconsin Staff
It is possible that I will be traveling through the mists and may likely attend this upcoming market....

I also notice that their seems to be a lacking of Battle Magic accounted for... if this is by circumstance, I may be able to assist with this during my visit, at a significant discount. If this is by design, then my skills and meager savings can equally be made available for purchase by adventurers.

For custom orders, I have some standard scrolls I always make my first night in town. But I have no plans that can't be changed for the following day. If a standard workshop or one of notable *convienance* is available for my use and discipline - it would significantly increase my abilities as a master of the craft for either the town boxs' benifit or local adventurer plans.

Let me know,
Cho Ko Nu,

The items slated to be sold from the town box are various items of production that the box has no true use for. My plan was to sell them a local merchant for the cost of materials but if you would like to purchase them you are welcome to do so. I will scribe a list for you to peruse at the coming gathering.


The town box of Erabella does not typically stock battle magic scrolls for several reasons. First, the town box is kept and managed by myself and even though the magic of such scrolls is inert they are still uncomfortable for me to handle. Second and more importantly, there has been no need for battle magic scrolls to be stockpiled in the town box for use. If a pressing, recurrent matter were to present itself that required the use of battle magic scrolls that would change matters and I would value your services at that time. It is my goal for the town box of Erabella to only have in it what is necessary for its continued services. Thank you for your offer.

Zen Mallowbrooks
Administrator of the Town Box