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  1. If I use Transfer Enchantment on an item with [Rituals] and Permanency/Spirit-Lock-to-me, to transfer the [Rituals] to another item, ¿does the Permanency and Spirit Lock also Transfer and still stay connected to me?
  2. If it does, ¿would I need to target the Item, Body, or Spirit to transfer the Permanency/Spirit Lock-to-me?
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1. Yes! So if you have an item which is already spirit locked to you via Permanency (let's call it a bracelet with the type (Item)), and you use a TE to move everything to another Item (a sword which still counts as a viable Item target), all rituals of the same aspect will move as long as it is a viable target (not restricted from receiving the rituals due to limits or ritual interactions) and the new target item will be spirit locked to you via the permanency lock which moved item to item while the rituals on your spirit have remained static.

2. Only the two items are targeted as you are not transferring any of the rituals on yourself to anything else (the spirit lock on your spirit is staying put, only the item to item half is moving)

Additional less important information outside of the question-
However if you target someone else's item which has a permanency/spirit lock the item will still be stuck to them (and it will theoretically snap into place as the magic forces the bond, or something like that)

If you target their spirit to try and move a permanency to you, or vice versa you to them, the ritual will fail as spirit locks on spirits cannot be a valid target.

Hopefully that answers the question!
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