[.11] Trap Avoidance


Seattle Staff
Box is trapped.

Player picks up box, but does not set off trap.

Player opens box.

Box explodes.

Player calls trap avoidance.

Per RAW, the box is in the player’s possession and counts as “them” for all purposes of determining effects and targets. As a result, so does the items in the box itself. Thus, per RAW, Trap Avoidance would protect the items in the box...even if that’s not the intent.


Box is trapped, and so is a rock nearby.

Player 1 picks up the box, but does not set off the trap.

Player 2 sets off the rock trap.

Player 1 calls trap avoidance.

Since the trap, still armed, is in their possession, I would expect that RAW, the 2nd trap does not go off.


Long story short, TA as written can potentially create unfun solutions to traps that I think will ultimately discourage traps.