Traps and large area's


I need some serious marshal help on this one. I asked in the national thread and got a very generic answer, essentially a re-explaining of the rule. In large enclosed areas that can be considered as multiple game rooms, open space that is ig inside like a cave, can you trap one specific area, or do you have to trap the entire area? I ask because this presents a difficult issue with plot and npc's trying to put more traps on game, making them challenging, and not TPK at the same time. I understand you need one trap for every "game room" to trap the entire area. So, just to clarify, can you trap a specific area with a specific area of effect in an open space multiple game room area that is considered indoors ig?


If the area is one large room IG, it would all have to be trapped. However, at Plot/NPC Marshal’s discretion, you could separate your cave into several sections IG.

An example of this would be when you use the barn, but the PCs are traveling through “winding corridors.” Feel free to draw lines in the ground that are clearly visible to represent said corridors, and assign X Game Rooms to that area for that individual engagement.

Does that help?


I understand that if it is partitioned off and made into separate game rooms you can trap an individual game room. I bring this whole thing up because during Big West there was a moment where the PC's were in a c ave fighting a Golem and we wanted to trap a p[art of the cave, but it was a big open space, but at the same time we didn't want to massacre the entire party with a 100 explosive trap that would fill the entire cave. So I'm trying to figure out, and i think I will need a ruling from rules masters or higher, if we can simply place a trap in this large open space and have the area of effect only be that one game room of space without any ig partitions, walls, etc...

To finish the story from Big West, we ended up placing traps in the cave, separately in this non-partitioned space. A PC set off one of the traps we we treated it as a 5 foot rule, this was primarily due to my own error in judgement and forgetting about the new trap rules. The PC was later returned all of the items they lost due to this error in judgement. We didn't really know how to handle the situation other than to interpret the rules exactly as they are written. This is why I am bringing this up, because it limits trap capabilities on large indoor areas. My concern is seeing more large scale deaths due to trap placement in large areas, thus taking out a larger group of people. Anyway, long winded stuff over.


Using the rules as written is the right way to go. When setting a single trap:

- If it's outdoors, it has a 5' radius.
- If it's in an area that is a single Game Room (such as a single-room PC cabin or an area a Marshal has ruled to be one Game Room), it hits all within the area.
- If it's in an inside area that is bigger than one Game Room, and you don't have enough traps to hit the full area (such as 2 traps for a 2 Game Room area), then the trap essentially "fizzles out" and doesn't hit anybody (technically you can't even set it; you need to set the right number for the right size).



Ok, thank you. I will take that as an official ruling and move forward with it.


Keep in mind that if Plot is defining a mod space that is supposed to represent something bigger than a barn, they can consider it "outdoors", meaning unwardable and the 5' trap rules apply.