I recently heard that you could no longer buy razorbacks. Of course, a good alternative that many people turn to is friendly plastic. But for those like me who don't have the time/patience/crafting ability to make them, here's a few. Medieval collectibles still has tusks on it's website. As of today though the only ones in stock are the Orc tusks. The Troll Teeth (the ones I have) and the Orc Teeth are out of stock and estimated shipping is 2-4 months. I'll be looking around more (I have to replace mine), and will edit this as needed when I find more. But here's the website for Medieval Collectibles. http://medievalcollectibles.com/seeker. ... 0&st=tusks

This site also has some in stock of the Troll tusks and orc teeth.
http://www.larpinn.co.uk/prosthetics-fa ... 90_43.html

And these ones...
http://www.maskworld.com/english/produc ... teeth--620

They are all similar, so I mean I guess it would depend on what site you go to. They're from the same manufacturer so they all are the same ones, but those are sites that have some in stock. I hope this helps anyone looking for tusks.