Twinspire Campaign Faire Day- December 8th - "Colossal"


We've changed the date of the November Twinspire event to December 8th!
(If you're unfamiliar with Twinspire, it is the alternate campaign of the SF chapter. The Twinspire campaign has been active since 2009.)

Registration/check in starting at 11 AM. Game start at 12.
Location is Belgatos Park in Los Gatos
Details and directions can be found here:

PC camp will be at the tables near the playground, unless they already taken. This site has limited benches and tables, you may wish to bring portable chairs or blankets for the grass if you wish to be able to sit comfortably. NPC camp & check in will be at the benches near the park entrance, unless they are taken.

Standard price $15.
Please note that pre-registration is now mandatory if you wish to PC at faire days.
Non-members will be assessed an additional $10 charge.
NPCs are free.

To PRE-REGISTER for this event:
A. Email your player and character name, full list of tags for skills/spell, magic items, high-magic, production, etc. to "" at least 48 hours before the event.
B. Email "" to let Twinspire Plot staff know you are coming.
C. Show up and start check in within the first half-hour of our check-in time.

For build expenditures or other logistics requests email ""
For plot or world information email ""
If you have any downtime submissions, please get those in as soon as possible.

You are highly encouraged to let us know if you're coming to the event even if you're NPCing


San Francisco Staff
Awesome I am very excited to PC for the first time. Look out baddies of the vale here comes embrawk.