Unique cure for fin rot?

The man

I have tried everything on the internet to cure fin rot but nothing is working I have tried melafix, salt, salt bath, water changes, and I have not tried uv light because I don't have enough money the only reason I am asking on this is because this is the only one I was able to sign up for


Chicago Staff
Species, water parameters?

Generally speaking fin rot which does not go away with water changes and some medicine boil down to severe stress caused by tank mates OR to a major requirement not being meet of the fish.

Example many central american and south american fish need soft acidic water while african cichlids need hard alkalin water. If the water does not meet their needs especially if wild caught you can be looking at issues.

Give us some details and perhaps one of our hive mind can help. I am guessing we have a handful of fish enthusiasts around.

The man

I have 4 common guppies and a dwarf pleco, a khuli loach, 2 cherry shrimp and african dwarf frogs. Only one of my guppies has bad fin rot the rest is healing but this ones fin is almost a quarter gone