Upcoming tavern night + gobbie opportunities


Wyoming GM
Are you ready?! Tavern night is only a month away!

1) Pre-reg is now open for the tavern night in the CMA! (https://db.alliancelarp.com/events/569)
Here's where to pay! https://alliancewyoming.com/tavern-night-2021.html
**** If Paypal is giving you grief...we're working on it. Alternatively, you can use https://paypal.me/alliancewy?locale.x=en_US
2) This is an in-character/in-costume event, but a no combat event. You can bring your weapons for aesthetics, but please keep in mind that there is no combat in the venue. At the beginning there will an IG reason to not be able to use them as well.
3) We'll need some help with prep/setup. If you can come early (1pm-ish), we could use the assistance and will gladly offer 50gs for your time.
4) Food will be basic (and announced soon), but if you would like to bring anything extra to share with the class, we'll offer gobbies for your generosity. If doing so, make sure you bring plenty so it can go to 20+ people. Please contact Jon, Candace, or Jim to coordinate anything of that sort. This is NOT required by any means!

Current list of volunteers/food (beyond the main meal items which we'll announce shortly) is at the link below. This is for reference, so we don't step on each others' toes. The link is not editable, please contact Jon, Candace, or Jim to add yourself.

Second item that can get you gobbies...the monthly drawing!!! I've got a few names left over from August's drawing, but need more people for the September one! If you're a new player to Alliance and intend to play in AWY, let me know and I'll get you on the raffle list for one of three gobbie-stamp rewards.
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