Updated History of the Younger by the Greater Guilds of Barran up to 1018(YA)

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A History of Younger Barran (up to the last entry in 1018)

The lands of the Younger are strife with war. Many small kingdoms and alliances dotted the landscape of Barran. There were other kingdoms and empires in the past, however historians do not consider this to be part of the history of the younger, as the elder were much more directly involved in affairs of the younger at that time.

Year 0 YA (Younger Age) An Eclipse occurs over Barran, lasting the span of a day. The Anan’ta, Elder, and Younger all name this as a sign, a portent of the future. Voices ring out in terror and jubilation in anticipation of what is to come. The Anan’ta and Elder mark this time as the true start of the Younger Age.

10 (YA) On the Day of Life, the 11th of Azthrayir, Islan Zartarum, the Great King, is born. The land is rife with war amongst the Kingdoms of the Eastern Barran.

In the Western lands of Barran, a collective of Ogreathi Reaving Tribes called the Kourash formed an alliance with the city states of the Tooraj Lake area. This alliance would prove to be the start of the Azure Empire. This alliance became known as the joining of waters.

35 (YA) With many years of strife and countless small wars. Groups of scholars and trades people began creating the first guilds of Barran. Prior to this date, there were collectives of like individuals that worked towards similar principles, but they were rarely larger than a few people. The new organizations dedicated to preserving their knowledge for the betterment of all peoples. The first guilds created were said to have started in the city of the lands of Arman. Anvil & Iron, The Order of the Earth and the Alchemical Brotherhood all claim to have started at this historic time. In the years coming the rest of the great guilds of Barran would begin to form local chapters of their own. The expansive Greater Guilds of Barran were not created at this time but the first steps were taken here.

50 (YA) King Zartarum is crowned as Head of the Kingdom of Nava. Immediately he begins a program to end war in the southern Kingdoms. He begins negotiations w/ the Kingdoms of Finnith, Argona, and C’naeus. The army of Tel’Al Anor has brought the Western Kingdoms, up to the Arman and Bahador lands, into line with a long and bloody campaign and has begun a system of reorganization. The leaders of the Kingdoms have been deposed and new leaders have been chosen to hold Imperial control over the newly formed Districts.

150 (YA) With the successful completion of the treaties of Tel’Nava, The Kingdom of Islan Tel’Nava becomes a nation. The Azure Empire has solidified rule over its territories, commerce and growth appear to be taking hold. It now begins a campaign of subjugation to gain more lands and people, pressuring and engaging the Kingdoms of Kasra, Sanjar, and Mohsen.

200 (YA) The formation of the Greater Guildhalls of Barran. The Greater Guildhalls officially span the breadth of Barran and form an entity outside the singular control of Empire or Kingdom. The Greater Guilds are officially recognized by both governments to exist within and without. That the guilds will remain neutral and play politic in the affairs between Kingdom and the Empire. This also establishes a set of principles where if the two great powers should ever go to war again, that it was reasonable and accepted to offer a guild member from the opposing side sanctuary if in true need, but they would then be a guest of their greater guild until the conflict was over. This agreement proves to work extremely well for all parties involved through the sanctuary of knowledge and life. The guilds have attempted to honor this agreement with the two major powers. There are now three major entities among the Younger of Barran.

205 (YA) House Pryderi joins the Kingdom, after the marriage of Keri Pryderi and Islan Zartarum. Within one year a child is born and the line of Zartarum is secure.

210 (YA) House Gwrthyen joins the Kingdom. Lucrative trade contracts and mutual protection agreements cement its addition to the Kingdom.

225 (YA) House Edoch and Aeolewine join the same year. Each Kingdom sees the writing on the wall, and petition Islan Tel’Nava before any real pressure is brought to bear. They have not regretted it.

255 (YA) House Urdoran and Arsenios are conquered. There was bitter fighting and the castle of Bourne marked the end of the war. New ruling families are installed into power in each of those lands.

All remaining land in the Wild Kingdoms of the West have been brought under the reign of the Empire of Tel’Al Anor. Urangul and Skar’enh being the last to be assimilated into the Imperial fold.

370 (YA) Coastland raids begin from across the Nar’ Precepta Sea from individuals bearing a blue insignia. This marks the first confrontations with the ‘Azure’ Empire. Raiding was prevalent before, but this is the first time the two countries began open aggression. A cycle of raids and reprisals begins over the next thirty years.

415 (YA) The overland invasion of Islan Tel’Nava begins by the Empire of Tel’Al Anor. This is recorded as the first war of Barran. During this war an unspoken set of terms evolves out of the fighting. The “Convention of Gentlemen” as it comes to be called is a reasonable attempt by both empires to have as few men permanently die on the battlefield as possible after the battle has been fought. This simply put means that after a battle where both sides still remain fairly intact, a truce is put forth to collect the wounded and the dead. The dead are put to rest and wounded are given whatever means of attention can be given. This allows both sides the opportunity to save as many men as possible for two different reasons: because life is precious to the people of Islan Tel’Nava and because slaves aren’t cheap in Tel’Al Anor. When a group is capable of being captured it is done so for the spoils of war and for possible prisoner exchange or ransom. This practice allows the war to continue much longer than it probably should but was far saner on one side and economical to the other. The Convention of Gentlemen will be the standard rules of engagement whenever possible up to the present. Since the advent of permanent earth circles and the ability for spirits to resurrect, albeit weaker, allowed defending armies the ability to replenish quickly. Invading forces would need a substantial amount of resources to recover their spirits quickly lest their army dwindle, and the attack would falter.

Delegates from both sides also find the need to draft and ratify the “Protections of Barran” regarding the protection of non-combatants during times of conflict or aggression. The Protections allow the Llyn Bards and the Scorpion Healers to be recognized as Neutral Emissaries and serve either side, unhindered. 623 The first war of Barran ends with the permanent death of the Emperor Dael N’Thaniel of Tel’Al Anor. The council of better’s stalemates on the successor for 15 years. Without direction and unity, the war in the west founders, Tel ‘al Anor sues for peace.

648 (YA) The Emperor Scrid Daran’Et is coroneted, wounds are licked, time passes. the Kingdom and Empire each takes stock in their fortunes.

706 (YA) Border skirmishes resume and before long and armies prepare for war. An attempt on the Emperor Tel’Al Anor failed, but the assassins managed to kill his wife and two children. Being as this is not customary in Tel’Al Anor politics, blame was placed on Islan Tel’Nava, though no assassins were captured alive to actually prove it, Tel’Al Anor marches to war, and the Second war of Barran begins.

718 (YA) The heaviest fighting was taking place in the north central area of the continent. (Now the areas known as the colony of Exabeth, and the Overlands). Fighting was desperate and fierce all along the coastline. An unknown party of invaders tried to storm the city of Anjar. Whether they were meaning to implicate the other side, gain treasure in artifacts, or seek forbidden knowledge is unknown. What is known is the reaction provoked by Penhawe, using her land bond, sent massive shockwaves through her city and out across her island; knocking trees and homes flat. When the shockwaves hit the sea, they dug into the water and forced it up in great waves spreading out in every direction. The shockwaves threw up great torrents of water into the air, locally it was havoc on shipping and local villages. Further away the shockwaves turned the water into tsunamis. The Tsunamis hit the coast lines of both empires and the northern expanse. The devastation was immense and total. The tsunamis pushed over 100 miles overland, all along the Nar’Percepta Coastline. Several armies were broken, and one battle that was in progress was wiped out entirely. Fleets along the coastline were also dashed into the shores. Countless lives were lost, and the devastation was staggering. With the tsunamis of Penhawe, it effectively ended the second war of Barran.

725 (YA) After successfully conducting peace negotiations the Second war of Barran is officially ceased. Rebuilding begins in earnest. One of the features of the new landscape is the towers of Kon Dor’ach, a renowned strategist in siege warfare and engineering. The towers dot the landscape from the northernmost portions of Amon Gin, the western edge of Argona.

730 (YA) Construction of Kon Dor’ach's Wall begins for the kingdom of Islan Tel’Nava. Teams of builders begin working on both ends at the same time. The projected length of the wall is 1200 miles, with a height of 60’ to protect against siege engines. Heavy Siege weaponry dots the wall and on each tower.

750 (YA) Kon Dor’ach’s wall is completed after a hefty construction program. Once the Kingdom’s boundaries are protected, work to rebuild begins in earnest. It is later discovered that Kon Dor'ach was not the designer of the wall as originally commissioned and was disgraced.

Imperial troops are deployed to work on heavy reconstruction of the nation’s infrastructure. New initiatives to offer farmers and land-owners’ incentives to focus on mass production and restocking food supplies for the Empire are enacted.

763 (YA) The Draconic Treaty of 763 is signed by the Emperor of Tel’Al Anor and several young dragons, the dragons pledge to come to the aid of the empire in time of need, in exchange for uncontested territory in the higher mountains for their hordes. It is suspected that over half a dozen of the youngest dragons finally sign the treaty.

765 (YA) The Empire of Tel’Al Anor completed their series of towers and wall to protect their boundaries. Espionage shows that the Azure Empire was able to produce extremely similar plans to Kon Dor’ach’s constructions in the East. The “no man’s land” between the two empires is effectively cut off from a land route. The wall in both the Empire and the Kingdom is considered the end of the world. The area left behind is referred to as the “Overlands” meaning to most that the area that had been tossed over the edge of the world. Independent settlements grow and prosper with no Imperial or Regal entanglements or forcing taxes, compliances or laws.

778 (YA) The Dwarves from the Edoch Lands made the discovery of new smithing methods joined with great magics. Fearing it would be stolen as soon as the enemy knows that they possess it; they inform only the King and make it available to his men as resources and man power allow. Resources are allocated to the Empire’s elite forces first, then distribution to the regular army commences. The process takes many, many years to complete due to its closely guarded secret.

780 (YA) With 60 years of peace, and Kon Dor’ach’s wall to protect the Kingdom from landed threats, the fleet at its strongest in history; the Sejm votes an unprecedented move. The Sejm votes in a measure to strike at the Azure Empire now before they are ready to strike back. This is the first war initiated by Islan Tel’Nava. The third war of Barran begins.

800 (YA) Magic infused steel has now been distributed to all elite units in the East. The West could have had steel as well, and in greater quantity, but they have been internally focused and have failed to develop these new techniques in time.

995 (YA) After several uprisings, the Treatise Against Slavery is signed and announced into law in the Empire and Kingdom. Only innocents are freed, those given to the state in penal service or through gross lawlessness are not covered under the abolition.

1000 (YA) The war turns against the Azure Empire in full. With most of the common units being refitted with these new weapons, Islan Tel’Nava’s armies begin to make serious headway and pierce the homelands of Tel’Al Anor in three different areas. Three armies begin tearing into the homelands and set upon deciding this war in earnest. The Azure Empire, with lesser amounts of magically enforced armor and weapons, is at a loss to stop them even when superior tactics are employed. The Imperial Capital is moved 400 miles West to N’llem Ishik and the city of Al Anor is emptied down to the carpets on the floor. The invading army is still 100 miles away. The invading armies invest serious resources into establishing permanent earth circles on the enemy territory to allow quick recovery of lost forces. Imperial earth circles are formally destroyed any time they are discovered.

1001 (YA) The old Imperial capital falls after bitter fighting. The Council of Betters and the Emperor discuss the options available to them for stopping the invasion and realize there are no conventional conclusions save surrender. But the Master of Secrets, Nzube Uyesh, suggests several rituals that have been discovered by the Imperial Mages and Scholars. These rituals of apocalypse offer the ability to stop the invaders cold. The Emperor and the Council agree, but they are warned by the Imperial Mages and Scholars that victory will come at a heavy price and should consider the far-reaching consequences. Seeing no other alternative, the Emperor and the Council make the order to begin these rituals. The resources are gathered and sent to each location that seems the best junction to stop the invaders. The amount of men and materials for the ritual is staggering.

1003 (YA) In the month of Depharyir, the first ritual of apocalypse to be used is outside the city of Arina’Sen. An army from the house of Urdoran and the colonies of Exabeth, Amoth Gin, and Otho has fought its way to within 15 miles of the city. The Azure army goes to meet the enemy and buy time for the ritual to work. At dusk the ritualists begin bringing forth the supplicants for the ritual and begin casting the Ritual of Silsthk. Casting throughout the night and making offerings in the ritual requires the work of 500 ritualists from all of the celestial and earthly orders. Dark magics crackle over the western camp and thunder rolls across the valley, but the enemy sleep knowing that tomorrow will see the destruction of the Western Army and opening a path into the heartland of Tel’Al Anor. In the morning as sky begins to lighten with the coming sun, the invaders are awoken to the sounds of retching and vomiting in the camp. The sound of nausea begins to wash over the camp in waves. More and more men begin retching and coughing as the soldiers empty their stomachs. Vermin of all shapes and sizes begin to vomit forth from them. Spiders, centipedes, serpents, and beetles begin pouring out of each terrified man’s mouth. Other men are wracked with horrific pain as they are torn open from the flesh-eating scarabs within burst forth. Throughout the camp is a terrible clatter and mewling, but each can only hear their own suffering as no one remains untouched by this terrible affliction. Within minutes of the first cough heard in camp, all is silent again. Fifty thousand soldiers and their attendants die before the first rays of the sun crest the distant mountains. Unlike the battles of the past, there are to be no resurrections. The Invading army was permanently destroyed. The spirits of the dead were never accounted for. The victory at Arina’Sen will be heralded throughout the empire soon, but only after the initial results are viewed do the generals of the Azure Empire take stock in what the ritual cost them. The permanent death of 250,000 penal servants and supplicants that were pressed into service for this ritual, most from the nearby city, were destroyed for this ritual to take place. It is a hard blow for even the defenders to realize that it cost more than ten lives to snuff out one enemy soldier. The ritualists are summarily put in shackles and imprisoned in the city dungeon. They are soon released by imperial decree as it was the will of the Emperor to have the ritual enacted no matter the cost. So, the matter is kept silent and the victory is lauded as a sign that the fates are in support of the country’s defense.

In the Kingdom, experimentation into mass rituals of destruction began with terrible results. Most of that is not spoken of at this time. Individuals that were outside of the highest circles of government did not survive. About that time, a strange contagion sprung up in House Pryderi lands, near Cirtis Rock, where three whole Baronies were wiped out, the women and children there were found by travelling minstrels. The occurrence was immediately reported to the King and his Mages, however when the incident was recounted, it did not seem to be news.

1004 (YA) With the Ritual of Silsthk successful in the north, the Emperor gives the go ahead for the other two rituals. Only he is aware of the cost in men and materials that the Empire has suffered to enact these terrible rites. Two months after the first, the second ritual is cast on the invading army from Argona, Pryderi, and Finnith. The Ritual of Xanthamamnon is enacted just outside of the captured city of Crystal Port. Once again, with the coming of the dawn a single peal of thunder is heard from beyond the city over the sea. The winds from over the ocean began to blow. No real clouds were seen overhead, yet it felt as if a storm was brewing. The winds began to lick up water vapors from the sea creating a terrible fog that moved in towards the city at an alarming pace. The fog had a thickness to it that seemed to stick to everything it touched and despite the wind, being as ferocious as it was. The fog was not dissipated by the tempest. The fog rolled over the city walls and became trapped within the city’s confines. Coughing and hacking could be heard over the ramparts; thick and heavy with phlegm. The bodies on the walls could be seen twisting and grasping at their throats, some falling over the ramparts to kick piteously in the dirt below. Thirty minutes after the gale began, the winds kicked up further and began to swirl the fog, within the city, into a great cyclone. The soldiers of Tel’Al Anor began to cry out in fear, concerned that the fog would kill them as well. But just as quickly as the cyclone began, it was gone. No sound came from the city, and upon scouts entering it the next day found that all in the city had drown. The vanquished army contained 48,000. The permanent cost of this ritual in penal servants and supplicants was 250,000. Once again, none of the spirits lost are officially accounted for.

There were stories coming forth from the eastern fringes of the Kingdom that an entire Duchy is destroyed with no one understanding exactly what took place. Due to the nature of this calamity, suspicion abounds that a ritual of the apocalypse the root of the cause. Anyone who entered the area was never seen to return. So, the King ordered the lands quarantined.

The year ended with stillness as Empire and Royal tried to grasp what had transpired. In Islan Tel’Nava, the Sejm began to push the King to sue for peace, but he refused. Without an overwhelming majority in the Sejm, the war would continue. The lands that lost their armies to such treachery refused to bow and vowed to push for with the war and destroy their hated enemies. House C’naeus was the most fervent of all. And the King fearing that to entreat peace at this time would spell the destruction of the kingdom and all they stood for, so he reluctantly held to the stance of continuing the war, for now.

1005 (YA) In the early weeks of Azthrayir, the final ritual of apocalypse was performed 200 miles north of the old capital of Al Anor. The army that took the capital of the Azure Empire tried to leave no stone unturned. They delayed moving further into the heartland for a full year deconstructing the palace and the city walls. The army was primarily from house C’naeus and due to the size of the army, no defending forces would draw near, and the Emperor allowed this, knowing that more resources would be needed to stop the largest of the invading armies. He allowed the destruction of the capital city to deal this final terrible blow. But now the time was right, and the portents show to this day. When the blood moon was in full ascension the ritual began, once again the army of Tel’Al Anor was merely to protect the ritual. The ritual required over a thousand ritualists and the number of sacrifices seemed beyond counting. The emperor himself wanted to see the final destruction of the invading army. He and the council had a pavilion constructed on the nearby mountain so as to be at a “safe distance”. All night the baleful energies roiled over the campsite of his people, the Emperor was joyful as none had ever seen him. He could talk of nothing else other than witnessing the destruction of this vile enemy. The Ritual of J’braxamus was about to be completed. Once again when the appointed time came, shortly before sunrise, as the blood moon touched the edge of the world, the final supplicant fell, sealing the ritual. As her body fell to the ground, her eyes began to glow with a baleful yellow light. Her fallen frame awkwardly began to right itself, jerking itself up to her original height. All in attendance fell away from her, not really knowing if this was how the ritual should be progressing or if something had gone wrong. She said nothing but looked around her; the head did not sit correctly. The tendons in her neck had been severed as part of her sacrifice and made her appearance even more unnerving, if it were possible. The girl moved in staggering fashion towards the enemy encampment. Relief broke through the lines as she left their forces and headed into the ground between the opposing armies. She came to a halt half way between the lines. She looked back at the army that created her one last time then turned to face the opposing forces that were rapidly falling into formation.

The Emperor was beside himself with a gamut of emotion. One moment he would shriek, “Here it comes!” the next “Hurry before they destroy you little one!!!! Now, now, now!!!” The little girl paid no attention to the Emperor, if she even heard him. But with a bestial roar that none could deny hearing, distended her jaw and let loose a vile dark brown cloud from her mouth. As the cloud of vapors moved towards the enemy lines, a clamor of panic spread through them. The cloud fell on the enemy lies and continued through them. The vapors continued to pour from the girl’s mouth and wash over the enemy lines. Screams of terror were heard and forms were seen writhing in the masses of troops. The enemy’s screams became feeble and that was even more terrifying. The screams and moans came to wither and slowly die off; a weak gasp for such a virile army was unnerving to all who bore witness, but still the girl vomited forth the inky brown cloud. The clouds boiled and swirled, and the winds began to pick up, yet the fumes continued to come forth. Even at this distance individual forms could be seen crumbling to dust as their bodies seemed to age many years in mere seconds. The enemy army had been vanquished. With what seemed to be her task at last completed, the girls had lolled to one side and her form began to go limp, but for only a second, as she pivoted on her foot and turned to face her creators. The vapors began to move into their own lines. Panic turned to pandemonium. The Ritual of J’braxamus had turned on its creators. The Emperor and council were numb as they watched the clouds of death fall on their own routing troops. No matter where a man would attempt to run, the vapors caught him, and he disintegrated through the weight of years in moments. The Emperor cried out, as did all of those assembled for the ritual to stop, but to no avail. His army, ritualists and all those sacrificed were gone in minutes. In their horror, almost all of the retinue did not realize that the little girl had stopped and began shambling off into the wilderness, her form lost in the clouds. Anyone who did see her leave certainly did not talk about it, for fear of what that would portend.

In stunned silence the assembled Council of Betters and the Emperor watched the last of the vapors dissipate and only then were they able to see truly what they had wrought. The fields below them showed countless corpses, or what was left of them. Their fine armor was pitted and rusted apart from the wear of ages. Bones gleamed in the first rays of the sun, the flesh haven fallen off and rotted to tatters. The Emperor, having recovered from his initial shock, and began congratulating the other council members on their victory. Stunned silence pervaded the pavilion. Finally, the questions began to come, as the council member found their tongues again. The enemy army numbered just over 100,000. The cost in prisoners, penal servants and supplicants were over 500,000. Their own army and ritualists that died in the backfire of the ritual: 45,000. To the Emperor this was an acceptable price to pay. He claimed that the enemy will now begin to fear for their cities. That they would go on the offensive against Islan Tel’Nava, with the rituals at their disposal, who could stand before them? With concerned looks around the council, the Emperor retired from the battlefield, excitedly talking about the offensive into enemy territory.

In the West the Council of Betters was in shock, the cost in men and material to stop the invading armies was almost too much to bear. The enemy had better weapons and armor and it cost them almost six to one in just lives to stop the invading armies. How could they hope to keep that up, let alone take the required materials and sacrifices into the enemy’s territory? No, to continue this war would mean the destruction of both the Empire and Kingdom with all falling into anarchy if they let Emperor K’Zeth continue his plans. Emperor K’Zeth was found dead by his chambers, no assassin was ever located.

The council rallied behind the Master of Secrets, Nzube Uyesh, and he was declared Emperor. The new Emperor immediately opened negotiations with the Kingdom for the cessation of hostilities. Both sides lost an incredible amount of people and resources. The Kingdom, having lost the sum of their invading armies was not in a position to continue the war and ultimately agreed. A great number of discussions were made, and a neutral location was agreed upon. The accord was scheduled to take place in late 1006 at Midmeadow in the Overlands.

During the summer of 1005 the mists of Barran started to act in ways they never had previously. The mist allowed travelers from other lands beyond the veil. Individuals of exceptional strength, knowledge and grace began to traverse the mists. most of the travelers liked to style themselves with the moniker "adventurers"

Shortly before the end of the Year, the King Sedat Islan Zatarum and his family were killed prior on route from the capitol from their family estates. When none of the family's spirits resurrected, all hope was lost, and the line of succession had to be cast a little further afield than was felt to be comfortable by some. The viceroy of house Alfanzo Ce'naeus was the next in the line of succession. The coronation was scheduled to place in 1006.

1006 (YA) The coronation of King Alfanzo Ce'naeus Zatarum takes place with great pomp and circumstance. The new King pledges that he will help bring in a new age where the disputes of the past between Islan Tel Nava and Tel Al'Anor will soon be a thing of the past.

The Midmeadow accords are struck. With the King and Emperor in attendance, the accords are signed, and a new era is issued in. Words of cooperation and mutual benefit are spoken, and hopes are high that this could change the cycle of bloodshed. With many troops dead on the battlefield or gone from their homes; creatures and monsters in the darker places have begun breeding out of control. Both the kingdom and the Empire have taken to requesting the assistance of the new visitors to Barran and the restless souls know as adventurers. Of the more nefarious creatures to rise in prominence during the last several years were a nightmarish creature named Elosdi. Their scourge rages across the continent for years before a consistent cure could be developed to stop their infestation.

1007 (YA) In the Empire the town of Fury Falls were under attack by Harpies and Griffons. The Emperor had invited the adventurers to help handle the situation and assist the people. Driving the Harpies off and killing their war mistress, Gwendara Bloodclaws. Members of the adventuring party remained in Fury Falls to help rebuild a build a presence there. In the years since the town has flourished. The Matron Vær'lux Lordaq was prominent in creating a sanctuary for her people and successfully defending the populous against the predations of the Dragon Melifarith and permanently killing him in 1009.

1008 (YA) The King invites the adventurers to discover what fate befell the lands of House Pryderi, in the Eastern part of the Kingdom. Beast man incursions were becoming common from out of those lands and the King wanted the matter dealt with. The adventurers killed the Beast Lord and drove off his minions. It was also discovered that a grand formal ritual destroyed no less than three Baronies of Geistbadden, Alemton and Seaton. Amazingly people had survived within the cursed lands and some of the nobility had survived as well. The King put forth an inquest that ultimately placed the blame on the Duchess Sibohan was decided to be found guilty by the King of high treason.

The Lich Lord Aleksandr begun carving a kingdom out of the Overlands. He begins sending forces South to attack the Northern edge of the Empire. Aleksandr's agents are accounted for many disturbances for the next several years.

1009 (YA) Tribes of Goblins, Orcs and Trolls driven South by the Liche Lord Aleksandr's expanding kingdom. The forces of the Empire stoutly defended the wall. A small group of adventurers who responded to the Emperor's call infiltrated the encampments of several of the tribal lords. Once the heads were cut off the remaining tribes were driven off.

In the Kingdom there was a resurgence in a group called the Brotherhood of Scales. Known for their deeds in the past they had attempted to take over the city of Geistbadden. Answering the call, adventurers came to the aid of the beleaguered city. The Brotherhood's grip was broken. Their slavery trade shattered and their attempts at creating a criminal holdfast destroyed. The Brotherhood has declared open war on the Kingdom ever since.

1010 (YA) Within the same year The Greater guilds of Barran announce the first transit gates in both Tel Al'Anor and Islan Tel'Nava. Due to limited resources there are a mere handful of gates in each country, and a dreadful cost to produce; each country pledges to allow for more gates as time and resources allow. For the time being the gates are limited to governmental and military traffic. It is heralded as a major boon to all of the people of Barran that such an accomplishment could be achieved for the betterment of "all".

There are several incidents in the both countries where individuals or groups rallied against the use of these Gates and argue against their use for all manner of reasons. By the end of the year, anyone of any status ceases to complain about the gates on either side of the Nar'Percepta after seeing their benefits. Anyone else that is not of enough status is merely silenced. The heaviest quelling was in the Kingdom in and around the capital of Nava.

In the Kingdom, adventurers were asked to help deal with another holdfast of the Brotherhood of Scales that were attempting a plot to kidnap the King and his family. The plot was foiled, and the holdfast was ultimately destroyed.

1011 (YA) The Empire welcomed the adventuring community into the lands in the Southern Cyrus District. The mountainside city of Ironton had an issue with a type of intellect devourer infestation. An excavation in the mines north of the city uncovered what appeared to be a prison vault. When the seals were broken accidentally by the miners a section of the chamber collapsed. The surviving miners were beset upon my what would now be considered Intellect Devourers. The Devourers were four-legged beasts with a large maw that would kill its prey and consume its brains. This beast would retain the intellect of the creature consumed. In short order these creatures were causing a great deal of damage; their primary motivation appeared to be the accumulation of nutrients and knowledge. The adventurers had difficulty tracking down as many of the beasts as they could. By the time the adventurers were summoned, most of the creatures had consumed enough intellect that they were vicious foes in magic and martial abilities.

It had appeared that there were ancient inscriptions within the vault and without. As the Adventurers and Sages Guilds worked on excavating the outside of the vault they believe the vault held several entities for what could have existed within for as many as several thousand years. Why the entities were contained within, was not openly known, but the predations of the Devourers gave enough indication of why they needed to be contained.

In the end of the campaign there were approximately a dozen of the Devourers caught and killed. None of the beasts allowed themselves to be captured and seemed extremely resilient to binding magics. There were rumors that there were three shadowy individuals that were said to also have resided in the vault for an undetermined amount of time. But no evidence was found that these beings were seen leaving the vault by anyone involved in the initial incident.

1012 (YA) In the Overlands the Warlord known as the "Liche King" Aleksandr initiated an attack against the northern wall of the Empire. Aleksandr was never seen leading his troops, but several captains were seen over several months leading the assaults. In the end the year the invasion ceased. Most scholars believe the invasion was a feint used to keep the Empire busy while Aleksandr worked on a project or tackled something else. During the year long campaign over a dozen Imperial settlements were destroyed and then raised as new fodder for Aleksandr's armies. The citizens never resurrected.

The year 1012 also saw reconstruction of the blighted lands around the City of Geistbadden. The adventuring community assisted with powerful rituals to re-grow the forests and fields for a hundred miles in every direction around the city, giving it the best chance of returning to its former glory.

1013 (YA) On a tiny Island of Dunnis Weiche in the Nar'Thenuel Sea the myriad Guilds of Barran hold their first ever "World's Fair"! People from far and wide have come see what the best and brightest have to offer. During this time an ancient tablet had been discovered that researchers believed indicated a sixth lord of truth. The entity that was released was not, in fact, a Lord of Truth but in fact a massive nightmare that could infect the minds of all of those around him. The entity possessed Guild master Mathias and destroyed most of the new research that was on display. Ultimately the Lord of Entropy was cast out with a massive ritual created by Mathias' daughter and supported by the ritualists still alive on hand.

The year of 1013 also saw the resurgence of evil within Geistbadden. The Arch-Necromancer Heinrich Kelker attempted to raise all of the dead of Geistbadden. There was a series of gates that he had created with the assistance of the Liche King Aleksandr. Heinrich Kelker was permanently destroyed, and the gates were destroyed with an ancient artifact staff by one of the adventurers in attendance at the final battle.

1014 (YA) In the Empire and the Kingdom. several citizens of the Empire and the kingdom we thought to be part of a larger organization of madness and lunacy. The family at the center of the maelstrom were the Mercers. Faceless individuals stalked the streets of several towns across Barran carving the faces off of anyone else they met. The creatures and their mistress were seen rampaging for most of 1013 and 1014. The Kingdom and the Empire requested the assistance of the adventuring community and asked them to deal with the cult members and find the mysterious family at the heart of the matter.

It was ultimately discovered by the adventuring community that the youngest child of the family, Christopher was responsible. Being sickly and weak, Christopher was tempted and empowered by a Shadowy figure calling itself "Vanrax the Dominator" a vile Purple Dragon that had made its home within the domain of Nightmare.

Christopher Mercer was a fourth son of a pair of notorious partisans during the wars. His parents however were more duplicitous than just that, as they worked for either side depending on whose army was closer, and who was at hand that they wanted to take from or just hurt while double dipping in profits and acclaim. In fact, it was often the acclaim which they traded like currency to keep eyes of their duplicitous nature, taking full advantage of the worst parts of human nature at war to hide those things that most would never have agreed to.

After the war Christopher 's parents, Donal and Cecily had been to the World's Fair in 1013. They had a procured a harmless trinket from the event that had absorbed some of the aura from the King of Madness. Vanrax used this trinket to corrupt the boy and develop multiple personalities.

Where most of Barran thought there was an extensive organization of extremely veteran players, it was found to all be the work of Christopher. There were as many as two dozen personalities that were exhibited by Christopher. Not only would his personality change but so would his outward attributes. The boy was pushed to greater acts of madness and murdered his family, creating the faceless monstrosities out of their tortured spirits and bodies. After many months and much work, the adventuring community was able to deal with each personality and end the reign of madness. Christopher was permanently killed, and his family's spirits found peace. Vanrax was never located. He has been silent and brooding ever since.

1015 (YA) The Brotherhood of Scales made a dramatic return to the stage of Barran, when they were responsible for the creation of a plague that was unleashed in the southern areas of the Kingdom and Empire simultaneously. Adventurer's and the Greater Guild Halls of Barran come together to learn as much as possible about the plague’s creation and a possible cure. The plague appears to have been born out of a grand formal ritual that allows the body and spirit to wither and die off in as little as 2-3 weeks. The plague appeared to be contained rather quickly and no cure was found at the time. There were several higher-ranking Brother hood Alchemist/Potion makers that were taken hostage by the adventuring community and turned over to the authorities. There were many hypotheses as to how an effective cure could be made. By the time the plague ran its course approximately 1500 citizens were permanently dead. The affected areas were quarantined off and no one is permitted within, lest they bring new life to a currently un-curable plague. The actual creators of the plague are still at large.

The Fall of 1015 found the Imperial City of N'urel Ithill was under siege from an elemental army with Tha'Rune assistance from several clans. The adventuring community was called on to help break the siege. After several months of bitter fighting, relief was given to the city and the siege was broken. The attacking army was not driven off, but a peaceful accord was struck when it was discovered that the nobility of the city had stolen several prized heirlooms to the denizens of the Paracel of Flame and Stone. those who had been affronted responded with minimal force needed to be brought to bear to avoid dragging all of the elder into another war. Without the assistance of the Warbands of Black Forest and Nemesis from the Overlands a peaceful accord may have never been struck.

1016 (YA) During this time, it is rumored that there was an issue within the strands of time. Adventurers gathered in the Imperial town of Arman. Though no official verifiable account of any interaction with the strands of time, adventurers who claim to have been present state that the town passed through all eras of the world and had many adventures. No additional information will be given as the greater guilds cannot corroborate what may or may not have taken place, though rumors about that mass hysteria may have spread through the adventuring community at that time.

In the Fall of 1016 The sound of a bell tolling is heard through the lands of Udroan. Eastwatch is a research location in the Kingdom for the guilds, far away from any main cities (in case something goes awry). The two prevalent Guild Masters in charge of the research activities in the area are Celestial Guildmaster Shenarti and Earth Guildmaster Vartesh. They are overseeing a variety of emergency research projects with the blessing of the King. One project is of keen interest to Shenarti and Vartesh: creating safe zones for artifact safe keeping. The two Guildmasters have received permission to bring the adventurers to the research location in the hopes that they will assist with the final stages of testing for this project. The research projects appear to have been a success. The final test for the Null Field research project was the capture of the Liche King’s Aleksandr’s phylactery. Upon the internment of the phylactery within the Null Field the Liche King Aleksandr dissolved ending Its reign, possibly forever. The year ended with the Storm of Magic washing over the world. When the storm was over the land was changed in subtle ways, and not all for the better.

1017 (YA) The Lands of Barran appear to have survived the Storm of Magic. There are no major incidents reported across the land. The Greater Guilds congratulate themselves and efforts are undertaken to repair the minor damage the storm has wrought. A mission was undertaken by the Greater Guilds to reclaim an abandoned mining outpost In the Overlands. With the assistance of the adventuring community, the outpost was reclaimed and the Outpost of “Center Watch” is created. Center Watch is established by the Greater Guilds to create a community outside of normal political constraints. Through Center Watch then guilds hope that those from the Empire and the Kingdom can work together to create a better future for the younger of Barran. All parties sign a treaty to these ends mid-year. During the same time a magic anomaly (wild magic) the celebration is concluded with a celebration and games sponsored by the Greater Guilds of Barran. The games highlighted each of the guilds and their skill sets. Many adventurers participated in the games and the comradery of the adventuring community grew greater that day. The campaign season ended with a hope and optimism not seen in many years.

1018 (YA) The Greater Guild research at Centerwatch continues with the attempted implementation of a Deadwalk damper using an artifact called the Dreamer’s Respite. The attempt meets limited effect. A new villain made their presence known to the adventuring community. Rayol was an agent of an ancient being known as Ra’ban. Ra’ban, and her sister Na’rab, are the daughters of the First King. The first king and his family were immortals by rights and very powerful, however they were not what most would call “of the Elders”. Over time, the First King was driven mad as he learned the true nature of the world and multiverse of Barran. Of his two daughters Ra’ban was evil and cruel, Na’rab was good and just. When the First King died, he sought to prevent the coming civil war by bonding his progeny to one another. Should one attack the other directly, the energy used in the attack would be passed to the other in a beneficial manner. When one tried to hurt the other, they would help them instead.

The right of succession was to fall to Na’rab. Ra’ban, of course was not happy about this and immediately began a civil war that would cover the lands with blood. As each sister sought supremacy over the once great kingdom, each sibling imbued a portion of their power into their agents and captains. Unfortunately, as each of these agents were enhanced with this additional power they two were now unable to directly affect anyone who had this “blessing” of the sisters. The war grew on. The sisters and their agents were too powerful for normal mortals to kill and the war ruined most of the glory each sister sough to obtain. Finally, Na’Rab enacted a Grand Ritual to trap both sisters and their agents. The ritual would lock them both away for time immortal. The stasis effect would allow neither to possess Barran, nor destroy it. The nature of the ritual also bypassed her father’s “curse” since she was not directly attacking her sibling, she was not lending her power. By affecting and in effect sacrificing herself, she was able to affect her sister in the same way. Any being who had been infused with the linage of the First King were placed into stasis, hopefully forever. For an age, Barran recovered, the younger rebuilt and the stories of the First King and his progeny passed into legend.

The Storms of Magic in 1016 had weakened an aspect of the stasis ritual effecting an Agent of Ra’ban. Rayol escaped and set to work finding and attempting to release his mistress, hopefully without awaking the enemy.

Rayol’s appearance let the Greater Guilds to begin their own research into the legends. Hoping to get in front of the problem before it drenched Barran in a new civil war. The greater guilds were always one step behind Rayol and his plan.

As the year progressed the doomsday clock advanced. Rayol began releasing soldiers and constructs into freedom once more. The havoc wrought by such a small number was impressive. Wild Magics, not seen since the early days of Barran, begun to be employed. Where the Elder used the power of their blood or the power of shadow or the planes they were directly linked, this was far more primal and destructive. Wild magic is torn from whatever is nearby regardless of the outcome. It is greed and power in its most raw form.

Word quickly spread among the Elder, Empire and Kingdom. The Anan’ta chose to side with the multiverse instead of the petty squabbles of the lesser races. If the First King’s children were to begin another Civil War, Barran must be protected. The elder chose to remove their great cities from the surface of Barran and retire them to each plane of existence each Elder was responsible. The younger who had marks of patronage to the Elders lost their boons. Their ability to communicate with their patrons removed as great magics were unleashed to sever the powerful bonds between the two planes. If this “Excommunication” had not been completed, the growing wild magics could easily tear apart the delicate balance between planes and possibly all of existence. The younger were left in the cold dark silence.

Also, research groups working for the Greater Guilds began to disappear. The researchers and all of their knowledge removed. Occasionally, a struggle ensued, and all were killed. The research was removed before the corpses were fully cold. One ray of hope appears for the younger through all of this misfortune. A group of Yowyu and mind-flayers known as the “Dreamers” begin offering their support in finding a way to awaken Na’rab and restore balance to the equation.

Off the coast in the Nar’thenuel Sea an island of black sand emerged from the cold, murky depths. Black sands begin to tendril out from the island along ley lines in Barran. In time, the black sand began to reshape the land it rested on…

The King Alfanzo Ce'naeus Zatarum personally came to see this issue regarding Rayol, Ra’Ban and Na’rab at the close of 1018. Seeking answers to how dangerous the sister’s awakening could be to the world and how to best proceed. When Rayol next appeared with an army, the King stood before Rayol and offered his kingdom in fealty and marriage to Ra’ban, should she have him and make the Empire of Tel’al’Anor is dowry. Rayol agreed to take the king to his mistress and left the field of battle. Word was immediately sent to the Empire and within a day war was declared between the two proud nations.

The Greater Guilds of Barran, through Grandmaster Shenarti’s permanent sacrifice, Na’Rab was re-awoken, though likely still much weaker that her sibling. Rayol was ultimately defeated but the plans he set in to motion had become unstoppable.

On the last night of the gather of 1018, those truly loyal to the Kingdom of Islan Tel’Nava left immediately following Dead-walk. Within hours of the 4th great war of Barran being declared, the Emperor Nzube Uyesh was permanently killed by unknown assassins.

Those left in Centerwatch had no idea what was about to be released upon them. In ones and twos, Pantherghasts, vile bests from the plane of Hate, began emerging from the Overlands to attack the town of Centerwatch. The area around the gathering of adventurers was tumultuous, but the adventuring community are hearty folk. Fighter and scholars taking down the stalking beasts one by one. The rest of the town did not fare so well. The attendants of the Healing Circles began receiving notices that many helpless civilians were being murdered in the beds or as they sat down for breakfast. The extraplanar racial assassins murdered anyone they could find. This was only the vanguard of the Kingdom’s northern army, already dispatched a day earlier. The war was now under way. Centerwatch, jewel of cooperation, exploration, and knowledge was to be removed from the face of Barran.

Amid the chaos of the opening hours, wild magic began to spread.

The Mist-walkers could not abide this any longer. They appeared among all population centers and among the populace and released their dire warning. “The machinations of the younger have led to this gross imbalance or power in Barran. Wild magics which have not been seen since the last days of the Elder Wars. Barran cannot be connected to Fortannis through the mists while Wild Magics reign. The Elder have removed their support of issues the younger have made for themselves. To this end, the mists will close to Fortannis this evening at sundown. If you do not wish to remain here through this tumult you will need to depart before the last rays of the sun fade.” And as quickly as the mist-walkers appeared, they were gone. Some of the adventuring community chose to remain behind. Many left.

As the last days of 1018 passed, dark sands bit into the land and carved vast ravines. Where the ravines were large enough, the water from the oceans began to rush in. Forever changing the face of Barran. Large swathes of Barran were lost underwater without a fight. The might of a Leviathan was released. Homes, villages and towns all along the Northern edge of what was the one continent gave way. In time the difference between the East and West of Barran was made manifest. A jagged archipelago now resided where most of the Overlands and colonies of the Kingdom once resided.

The world was in its fourth great war of the younger and the land was changing. Wild magics coursed and things in Barran were about to change for the worse. It shall be a dark time indeed for those of us unable to leave this land to another plane or the mists. No sign of Na”Rab has been seen or her armies. One can only guess what the next year holds for the world.
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