Used Alienware Daesktop, w/HD monitor


Whats up everyone, im getting rid of my desktop. It was $3600 brand new back in 2008.

The PC is a beast, super fast, great graphics
It will run WOW and Total War games on the highest settings, which is why i bought it.

processor: Intel (R) Core (tm) 2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00ghz
Memory: 4.00GB mbram
System: Windows Vista home premium
Graphics: Nvidia G-Force 9800GT HD card (there is some for a second card so you can run duel graphics)
Hard Drive: 230GB
All the wiring, plugs, a mouse, a keyboard, and HD wiring.

$500 for the PC

It also includes a 21" Samsung Flat Screen HD, this monitor needs like 15 minutes to warm up. I guess its notorious with samsung monitors. Once its on, its fine and will stay on.

Open to trades as well.