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    Costuming & Makeup:
    Prosthetics / Masks: (good mix of stuff-highly recommended around the board) (has some horns, ears, and makeups) (horns)


    From Roan Dari Alki: -- Really awesome for painting temporary tattoos. It lasts a whole event, through rain and sweat, easily removable with rubbing alcohol. The site also has a kit of colors, but it's pretty pricey.


    Fursuit (cool, but I would worry about damanges):

    Clothing, Armor, & Weapons:
    Hakama: (latex weapons, some good looking armors, & various clothes) (some of the same stuff as Medieval, some different stuff) (owned by Seattle/Oregon regular Kim Mays) (a mix of everything, European company so it is all in Euros)


    Weapon Making:
    cores: ... nger&xi=xi ... fiberglass

    Pipe foam: ... Pid=search ... sst=subset

    Open cell foam: ... prd780100/

    Camp pad foam: ... e/16783660

    latex: ... B0047R4CK6 ... pd_cp_hi_1

    Sewing, Leatherwork:
    Grommets - the real kind not the fake eyelet kind. They also sell grommet setters as well
    Trim including sewable boning-
    Wrap Pant -
    From Druk/Joe: Tutorials on making your own garb on the cheap:
    From stevefrank: Such a very nice information about fashion's site. Just see one more it's perfectly fit on medieval time's fashion... ... val~Bodice

    Props, Decor, & various niceties:
    Mugs & Tankards: ... &order=ASC
    From Druk/Joe: A variety of battery powered candles, also other scene setter props for your cabin. Also a small crow mold, latex throwing crows? ... category=8
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    combined into OP.
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    combined into OP
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    Can we sticky this?
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    The link is dead now.
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    thanks. they got bought out by NorthFur & I forgot to remove.
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    Link for Foam doesn't work
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    All these links are pulled from my favorite SCA library. I went through all pulled all the links I thought might be useful from it. A lot of making actual metal armor, but a lot of other stuff too. Obviously it's focused on being historically accurate, so ease might not be paramount with these. However, they WILL make your costumes look awesome and teach you new skills! ... t/arms.htm

    horn and bone: ... p-art.html ... g-art.html ... nhome.html

    Helms: ... ristoffel/ ... af_sinric/ ... lm_jurgen/ ... m_gerhard/ ... _index.htm
    Lorica Segmenta:
    Mail: ... uction.pdf ... llink.html ... v_mail.htm ... hnique.htm
    Lamellar: ... emplarbob/
    Japanese Styles:
    Legs: ... arness.htm ... hC_sinric/
    Arms: ... hC_sinric/ ... _dwarlock/
    Gauntlets: ... ntlet_cad/ ... 629607470/ ... ntlet_cad/
    Pauldrons: ... hC_sinric/

    Beads: ... dout50.pdf ... hhints.htm

    Clothing: ... 0Hoods.pdf ... s_knot.jpg ... ng101.html ... r/buttons/ ... index.html ... nseam.html ... stume1.htm ... s-art.html ... _tunic.htm ... nen_hm.htm ... raids.html ... tments.pdf

    Fabrics and Embroidery: ... oidery.htm ... h_trim.htm ... /index.htm ... ymour.html ... rticle.php ... um_2-0.pdf

    Accessories: ... ssance.pdf ... dcamp.html

    Jewelry: ... knitting-2 ... ndex.shtml ... ework.aspx ... Metal.aspx

    RP Aids: ... _Worksheet ... beasts.pdf

    Merchants: (Careful that these sites are still taking orders!) ... rices.html
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    anyone know a reliable carrier to acquire potion rep tubes?
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    This is the largest and most useful PDF I have found in quite a while:

    Alas, it has no armor but it does have tunic, bodices, shirts, pants, hats, scarves, sashes, etc, etc, etc, etc. It's a crazy amount of clothing including patterns and hints and tricks for how to make 'em properly.
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