Using items from retired character?

The Owl

Hello all!

While putting my gear together for tomorrow's event, I came upon 5 gold and a Paralysis potion owned by my former character, Matthas. Am I cheating and/or being a jerk if I give these to my current character, Tellen (who's currently so broke he can barely afford bolts for his crossbow)? I really don't want to do anything wrong, so please advise!


Chicago Staff
Normally they would be turned in and you would be given gobbies. But mattas was your first event character who became tellen?

The Owl

To be honest I'm new enough that I don't know exactly how switching characters works...I just built Tellen as a starting character, although it looks like he did receive some of Matthas' XP on the CMA, along with, I think, some gobbies (which might be the result of what you're saying). If you mean in-game, though, Tellen is a completely different character.

Anyway, so I should turn the stuff in at Logistics? Thanks!