v.10e - Memory Strike vs Warrior's Incantation


Been a while since I've reviewed the playtest, so this may have been covered elsewhere, but I'm confused as to the use cases where Memory Strike is in any way better than Warrior's Incantation. For sake of ease, here's the playtest text for both:

Memory Strike (Item [Weapon]) - Memory Strike allows a weapon to be charged, once per day, with a spell from memory of the same Aspect as the Ritual. This will expire at the next logistics. In order to do this the Caster will need touch cast the spell to be charged onto the weapon in a Circle of Power of the Aspect of the spell to be charged. This can also be done at logistics even if you do not have access to a Circle of Power. When the spell is channeled through the weapon as a spellstrike, the wielder does not need to fully incant the spell or use magical aura. The Qualifier for spellstrike delivered spells is 'Spell'.

Warrior's Incantation (Item [Weapon]) - This Ritual allows the wielder of the weapon the Ritual is cast upon to use a Ritual charge and a spell of the item's Aspect from memory to spellstrike that spell (once per charge) through their weapon. When the spell is channeled through the weapon as a spellstrike, the wielder does not need to fully incant the spell or use magical aura. The qualifier for spellstrike delivered spells is 'Spell'.

Also, WI talks about Ritual Charges, so perhaps it was missed in the most recent changes?


As I read it, Memory Strike is co-operative ritual, where a caster charges the item, then hands it off to a non-caster, while Warrior's Incantation is allows a caster (or even better a hybrid-caster) to Channel spells through it on the fly.

So a Fighter, Rogue, or Scout would want Memory Strike (assuming they had someone who could charge it up), while a Scholar, Templar, or Adept would go for Warior's Incantation.


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The intent behind the two (which will be preserved in the next playtest packet, though the specific wording might get tweaked) is -

Warrior's Incantation is intended for those who (a) have a weapon, (b) are in a location to use it (usually this means the front lines), and (c) have spells in memory. These folks can use a charge of Warrior's Incantation, and a spell in memory, to spellstrike that spell picked "on the fly" as it were. The most useful for Spellswords and Adepts.

Memory Strike is for those who want to be able to spellstrike but don't have spells in memory, or want to spellstrike a spell of an aspect they don't know. The trade off is that they need to "preload" the ritual at Logistics or in a CoP, and thus can't pick on the fly, but the advantage is that they can hand it off.

Some examples:

I'm an Earth Spellsword and I'm fighting on the front line with a longsword and shield. My weapon has a Warrior's Incantation ritual. I can pick any spell in memory to Spellstrike with (once per day, since I have 1 charge of Warrior's Incantation).

I'm a Fighter, also on the front line, also with longsword and shield. Warrior's Incantation is no good to me as I don't have spells in memory, but fortunately I have a Memory Strike on my longsword that my Celestial buddy charged up with a Prison spell earlier in the day. I can Spellstrike that Prison back out.

I'm a Celestial Adept with a shortsword which has one of each of these two Rituals on it - the WI is Celestial and the MS is Earth. I can use the Warrior's Incantation on the fly, or I can use the MS - which I had preloaded with a Purify from an Earth caster I paid earlier in the day - to Spellstrike Purify my way out of trouble.

Hope this helps!


Ah, thanks for the clarification - that makes tons more sense. Oddly enough, the names seems switched to me, but I imagine it's just a matter of perspective.