Videa Campaign Effects and Policies

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This thread lists and describes the various campaign effects and policies that Alliance Videa uses. When additional campaign effects are added in game, this list will be updated, and a notification of the update will be made on the Alliance Videa Facebook Page. Please feel free to leave comments with any questions you may have about any of these Effects.


If you cast Necromancy, inform the plot team at your earliest opportunity. You do not need to immediately run to NPC camp in a way that gives away to other players what you've done, but it should be in a timely fashion. Necromancy is known to have addictive effects and lead necromancers to feel a loss of control. Habitual necromancers should expect in-game effects which may be roleplay or mechanical in nature.

Characters from this campaign are likely aware that necromancers often become impulsive and emotionally volatile. They may experience hallucinations, which may be frightening or demanding. Necromancers may eventually experience losing their sense of self, and may give in to violent impulses.

Charred Scrolls

Charred Scrolls are a type of Local Chapter Only (LCO) ritual scroll specific to the Videa Campaign. They will have a distinct cover page, and will only be usable at Alliance Videa. When they are cast any effects and relevant tags that they create will be LCO and will be subject to the current Magic Item limits and policies for any campaign at Alliance NH. Charred scrolls may have, in addition to their listed effects, additional strange and unforeseen effects, regardless of its outcome. These effects could be either beneficial or detrimental.

Prohibition of Slavery

Chattel slavery does not occur amongst the presently existing mortal peoples of the Shattered Realms -- both playable cultures and NPC-only mortal peoples.
Penal labor exists. Magical mind control effects such as Dominate and Enslavement exist.
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