Visiting 3 day Agust


Hi I'm Andrea playing Gertude from Minnesota.

I just purchased my plane tickets to come to your labor day weekend 3 day event and was hoping to get a little help.

I would like to borrow;
A two handed rep, any, polearm for preference.
Camp chair.

I am also looking for a ride to and from the airport. Landing at SLC at 4:30pm, departure at 5:30 pm Sunday.

I will also have questions about the site like;
What is sleeping like?
Bathrooms? Flush or pits?
Showers available?
What is tavern seating like?
What hazardous nature is in the area, poisonous stuff?
Is there a good hammock spot near the tavern?
Will there be hot water for tea?

Thanks so much,
Looking forward to seeing everyone I met at big west and make new friends.
Gertude the Gruntuled Dwarf.


San Francisco Staff
I am also contemplating visiting for this event, and have a few questions.

What time is game on/game off? Would like to book my flights accordingly.

Do you allow any LCO item transfers?

Do you do meal plans, or are we on our own for food?



Googling the camp suggests bathrooms & showers in a bath house, with additional bathrooms in the lodge. It looks like both cabins & yurts have power but not water. The yurts claim to have cooling & heating, which makes me suspect the cabins do as well. The cabins have built-in bunk beds. The lodge has the kitchen, and a dining room area and what looks to be another large seating area with living room chairs. The pictures of the dining room area showed it basically empty, which makes me suspect folding chairs & tables are the norm.