Visiting the homeland


Your Grace Duke Albatross,
Lady Redfield,
Lord Petrus,
Sir Fiona,
Cup Bearer Keranna,
Assembled nobility of Ravensong,
Mr. Crane,
Adventurers and Friends of Horizon,

Your Grace, Lords and Ladies, I present myself Lord Magistrate Hisagi Hengin of Sedovia, Elder Shaman of the Stone Claw, and request humbly that I am be honored by an invitation to your court. My travels allow me to pass through the mists of the Sheltered Lands once again. I give my oath of peace bound by Silver while in you borders. I request your laws be sent to me by pigeon on or before my time in your lands if you see fit to do so.

It be a great joy of mine that I will be back visiting my homeland once again in a few weeks time. My last visit were filled with victory, triumph, and perseverance. Yet it also marred by sorrow, loss, and battle. I be looking forward to seeing old friends, meeting new ones, and doing what I may to aid the land of my birth. If you be in need of anything freely ask it of me.

I have continued deepening my studies of earth magic and will delay in finishing my studies until the last moment if any require ritual castings. I have studied far longer on the practical magics, but am capable of casting all rituals. It not being my heartfelt craft know that I can only subtly manipulate the ritual magics as they take form.

Elder Shaman of the Stone Claw Tribe
Lord Magistrate of Foxbridge of the Kingdom of Sedovia
Apprentice of the Royal Earth Guild of Sedovia



I don't tink we met but I heard yer name around. It's good you can find yer way home, but it ain't gonna be what you remember. Da Sheltered Lands was sundered - doze of us dat were in Horizon managed ta get in an old Quelie bubble ta ride it out, but da times we knew are old enough ta be myth ta most folk around. Dere's a lot we still don't know about our new home but hopefully you can help guide us t'rough.

Warmage of Auerie Tribe



I excited to see you again. the new lands have 2 more Barbarians at least. That I has found so far or have found Ragnorak and me. also how does the quest to purge sky-magics from your memory going.

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We must speak more of this when we meet. I has many question and will take time to think of the right ones. Perhaps you join me for a hunt when I arrive.


My oath still burden me. The sky magic holds stong in my memory as I still seek ritual magics to ease this weight. There was an chance that slip past me, but honor required I let it happen. We will speak more soon.

It are good to hear of more of our kin. With what the Warmage Gronk speaks, what of our tribes...our people? What of the Giants Walk?

- Hengin


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Much is unknown. It has been 1000 years for the people of this land and I fear that the Giants Walk has been forgot. Me has not yet met another of the tribes in this time so it cannot be know for sure. We are only myth now. I fear dat the Giants Walk is also a Myth now.

-Stone Seeker Ragnarok
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Lord Magistrate Hengin,
We would be delighted to have you at court, I'd also be interested in speaking with you. Also the laws of Ravensong, set by the Albatross family, are quite inviting.

- Mr.Crane
if you are the Hengin that i have fought alongside in the past, it will be good to see you again and talk about many things.

Iganeous Ironforge