Visits with Franz (and Phoenix Flight)

*A well manacured parchment bearing a blue and red seal in the form of a Phoenix is nailed to various message boards*

Phoenix flight will be gathering this Saturday (March 5th) to discuss some guild affairs. I, as Guildmaster, would like to extend an open invitation to anyone that would like to discuss matters with either myself or present information for the Flight. We look forward for the opportunity to work collaboratively for the betterment of all of Prademar. Those that wish to join or learn more about Phoenix flight are welcome to visit as well. I anticipate I will be able to step away form guild affairs starting after Noon. The following will link you to us in the dreaming:

Rise up, Right wrongs, Do mercies, and Take Flight!
Guild Master Franz Firebrand

(Translation: We're having a guild RP event on our Discord Saturday, Franz will be available afterward approx 12pm CST to visit with anyone that would like a word.)