I know not what deals Lady Fallingstar has brokered, nor do I know who supports her in her diplomatic duties. I do not know for whom she speaks or with what weight. I do not know who has charged her to speak for them.

Let it be known that the Office of the Sheriff of and for Briarpass has no other voice. The Lady Fallingstar does not speak for me in my professional capacity.

As I have said, I truly appreciate the good works that Lady Fallingstar has accomplished. I applaud her for all the good she has done for the people. I wish her continued success.

I feel, however, that the duties and declarations of my office must remain seperate from the duties and declarations of the free peoples of Briarpass in order for impartial peace to be maintained.

With wisdom and temperance, may our two voices ever be in concert.

Sheriff for the free peoples of Briarpass.