Void and Time


I plan to attempt to sever the connection with Void and Time at the next gathering if any would like to help.

Do we have any protective measures against Void? I don't have direct control over Creation magic any longer, persay, but I know how to forge a spark. If we have a planar asylum scroll, I may have a way to get the group that ventures into the Void extra protection.

- Velnaeus Xevaz, of the Seekers.

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I will help you Gideon but would like some details first.

Void and Time- Gideon you know how to party with like large piles of nope.



I have no idea what this entails or who the entities are that you are speaking of, but I am of course very willing to assist my friends if you think I will be of any aid.


We will need all available hands for this to work. Each plane will need two groups. one that actually goes to the plane, and one that stays on this plane and deals with the exiting Elementals.

It is most certainly a terribly dangerous thing, but I feel we can succeed.
The whole point of this mission is to never have to deal with Time and/or Void again. Face some awful now, to never see it again.

We can speak more at the gathering.