Volunteer Positions Needed


Greetings all!

As Alliance Raleigh continues our work to build out our new chapter we are looking for the following volunteer position. Each positions yields goblin stamps per event/month as appropriate, some positions have additional benefits.

Position - Head Cook/ Cooking team.
Duties - Take primary responsibility for cooking at game, assign other volunteers during food times to assist as needed. Food purchasing will be handled by owners. Also assist owners in determining menu choices that fit budget and health needs.
Duty Times - Friday snack (if prep is needed) Saturday Breakfast/Lunch and Dinner assistance during the Respite times.
Benefits - We are offering 3 primary benefits for our Cook(s)

1.) Free event attendance - this can be all for one person or split amongst a team in any way (so for example 3 people could each get 1/3rd off)
2.) Private Hunter Cabin Suite - Includes a king sized bed (with sheets, just bring a pillow!) and a 3 Quarters bath
3.) 150 Goblin stamps per events where duties are performed.

Position - Monster Camp Marshal
Duties - Help organize and Clean Monster camp. Help with Clean up on Sundays staying a bit longer to help wash/organize and put away monster camp to ensure the game runs as smoothing as possible. Also assist in determining how Monster camp costuming is organized.
Benefits - Position pays 90 Goblin stamps per game.

More positions will be listed as we determine them. As are game is still small the existing staff is working hard to ensure everything is properly in place for games but we are exciting to find folks interested in helping to train them up in the various duties needed to run game!
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Alliance Raleigh is proud and pleased to announce the following positions have been filled. You can still help in the kitchen we'll have a sign up sheet for helpers at logistics for one runner/clean up helper for Breakfast and dinner for folks that still want to earn some Goblins.

Head Cook - Brody D. - Brody will be taking on the cooking with assistance from staff as needed!
Monster Camp Marshel - Ally V. - Ally has already started wiping our Monster camp into shape and will helping us stay organized during and between events!

A big thank you to both our new staffers, your contributions are one of the things that will help our games be better every time!