Wandering Orc

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A slight chill is in the air as a lone orc wanders into the small town, looking for a place to rest his feet. He spys a tavern and makes his way inside, paying no mind to the stares he receives as he walks in. In the past few months since leaving the desert he has noticed not many of his kind wander to far from the sand. He finds a spot close to the fireplace, and takes a seat. The warmth was nice, as he wasn't used to the chill in the air outside. The desert nights got cold, but seeing the snow fall from the sky was a shock to him. He looked up at the barmaid approaching him, and smiled a warm smile.

"Well how are you doin' on this cold evening miss?" He says with a drawl

She gives him the pleasantries answer, but seems a bit taken aback by the sight of a high orc in the tavern. She heads off to fill a mug for him, and places it on the table.

"Well thank you kindly for this, I'm must admit I am not used to the bite in the air outside. As you can probably tell I'm not from around here" He says, smiling up at her. "Now tell me, am I on the right path to get to the... oh now what was it called... The Lux? I'm looking for a friend of mine"

"Yes you are, but I'm guessing you haven't heard about the forest thats grown all around the city. They say it's inhabited by Fae" She reply's

"Well... that sure puts a hiccup in my plans. Hmm, Well thank you kindly miss, you've been most helpful"

The barmaid smiles and walks off to the other customers.

The orc sits back into his chair wondering what he is going to do next, and just how many fae were in that forest, when a familiar voice comes to him. It startles him a bit, still not used to it.

'We are leaving the lux, going to Calanhelm. Find me there'

The orc smiles and finishes his drink, wondering just how Mal was able to send these messages. Standing to leave he throws an extra few copper on the table, she was a nice barmaid after all. He adjusts his armor and heads to the door, bracing himself for the cold air. As he steps outside he spots a stall selling animal furs and pelts, and an idea dawns on him.

"Well I may as well beat this cold before it gets worse... if it gets worse." he says to no one in particular, the drawl giving his words a warm and friendly tone.

After purchasing a few rabbit pelts, and asking someone for directions to Calanhelm, he heads off, continuing his journey.


It was just as he was about to leave the town that a framilar voice and a flash of green catch the eye of the future chief. Mal walked out of a large building, fur pelts in hand along with what looked like a warm wool blanket. They were saying goodbyes to the shopkeeper when the young orc caught sight of their old friend.

"Zul'rok? Is that you? I wasn't 'specting you 't have gotten this close to th' Lux." The small orc bounded over to him with a seemingly endless amount of joy. "How've you been? This is so lucky! Now I can walk you 't where we're goin' in Calanhelm!"
"Well ain't this a pleasant surprise. I have been good, a might confused given I havent traveled this far from the desert before, but it's been a learning experience."

The orc chuckled to himself

"I've been meaning to ask... where did you learn that strange ability to talk inside my head? I ain't never experienced something like that before. I have to assume your abilities as a seer are growing in leaps and bounds."

Zul'rohk goes to take the large bundle of furs from Mal.

"Why dont you let me carry these for a while, and you can fill me in on all the goings on of this Lux Obscura. Mainly why I've been spending all this time walking there only to have to change direction at the last minute."


Mal happily handed over the bundle and nodded, turning to walk with Zul'rock. "'O course. Ya know, it's kinda funny but th' adventurers tend 't have' t leave suddenly a lot. Ya get kinda used to it. Very interesting bunch."

They shook their head a little and sighed. "Th' guardians o' th' Lux said we needed 't leave for a while. They had' t fix up th' place a bit. I don't think they're used 't visitors."

A large smile filled the small orcs face. "But I've learned a lot! And my foretellings have all been spot on! I'm gettin' better! And I made friends. One Tari Nor above me in th' Sanctum gave me magic items 't borrow. That's how I can talk in your head. And th' Sanctum gave me scrolls and such to help. "

A small frown began to work itself onto Mal's face. It was a little odd to see sadness creep onto the small ones face when they were normally so happy. "There has been a lot o' not good things that have happened too though..."
Zul'Rohk nodded solemly in agreement "Yes, It seems that life everywhere has to have some down times to it... it just makes the good times that much better. But let's make this a happy walk shall we? Why don't you tell me about this... Tari'Nor you've met. They seems to have taken you under his wing a bit. If they have wings? I'm not too sure which one the Tari'Nor are. But if they've given you something so powerful they must be good people. How about this Sanctum as well, that means you found some learnin for your magics I'm guessing. I bet we have some miles between us and Calanhelm, so my ears are all yours. I'd like to get to know these folks before I get there, figure out who the good people are"
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