Wanted for Questioning: Tzydl Zhitelava and the Griffon Guard


As a neutral representative apart from the Kingdom of Eire and Sadeen Moore, I declare the following:

Let it be known that the alchemist Tzydl Zhitelava has been indicted for Treason by Sadeen Moore and per the Treaty of the Deadlands and Sadeen Moore, she is required to respond to these accusations at the next gather.

In addition, The Griffon Guard or a representative's presence is required to respond to questions of Espionage by Sadeen Moore, per the very same treaty.

Neither of these mean that an actual crime has been committed by any party and no punishment will be pursued without trial; if representatives from Sadeen Moore feel trials need to be held after questioning both the Griffon Guard and Tzydl Zhitelava, arrangements will be made from that point.

Sevaria of Goshawk
Heirophan of the Deadlands


This matter has been resolved and is not to be pursued further unless further notice is given. Thank you for your diligence and cooperation in this and all matters relating to the Queen's law and international diplomacy.

In Service,
Justicar Magistrate Tellespen Rookwall