Wanted: Single Romani Female


It is come to my attention that my brother is of a mind to wed. However, most of our kin in the area were brutally murdered, leaving us short of potential brides.

My dear brother would make a grand husband. He his a powerful healer, master bard, wagon train owner, and award winning winemaker.

Those ladies looking for the man of your dreams, look no more.

I present to you, my brother, Maxwell Maximus Maldavia-Moore!

(Inquires may be made to myself, or for those bold enough, to Maxwell himself.)

May the sun smile upon you both,



I blush at de kind vords of my cousin. But I feel dat I must explain more about my need to find a bride. It is true dat most of my caravan vere murdered, leaving a scattered few vandering de lands. De man responsible vas dealt vith, but de damage vas done. But my family will carry on. My mother has approached me to tell me dat the Maldavian Caravan is in need of Elders, leaders of our band. I am of de right bloodline, but in order to for me to accend to the status of Elder, I must have had at least one bride before I am turning 40. Dat time is soon. I struggle vith de thoughts of marriage for I am de carefree vanderer. However, dis is for family. For me Family is everything and I vould give my death breath in de cause. I would not force marriage on anyone, and dis arrangement need not be permanent. A year and a day could be the way. However, maybe dis is the vay for Me to find de "One". De soulmate dat ve are all detined for.

Maxwell Maximus Maldavia-Moore


Oh darling, darling!

I did not know ze terrible sadness of your situation...s. I feel so badly for you.

Ladies, ladies! Let it be known zhat I vill vouch for Maxwell and highly recommend him! He is charming, entertaining, a very good Romani man, and he knows how to treat a lady! Please help him. Please help his clan, who would benefit from his influence. And remember, a man who is a free and independent spirit is a blessing- ze little ones need enough caring for without having to worry about ze big ones as well!

Maxwell, if you have any trouble- you just let me know.

Natalia Gallonovitch (really needs to come up with cool titles to use!)


Couzin, goot luck and becareful in you zearch, I recall you zometime haf trouble telling man form woman....



It eez story for telling.... right Maxvell......


I have no Idea on vhat you are talking about. I am quite avare of de difference between a man and woman, is it my fault if some of dem are harder to decern den others?



Besides dat, I only have trouble when it comes to those dat are not Romani. De beauty eternal is dat what you behold when looking upon a Woman of de Romani people. It is dat beauty that could never be hidden, or disguised, for it radiates brighter than de sun.



If you will be at the massive gathering that will be transpiring in September and are still in need of wedding a maiden, you can marry my wife. She's just been married to me a month ago and had such a great time, she'd love to have another wedding.

Nigel Peaks
Jack of all Trades, Master of One


Ever been to Vandlar? You should - sometime in January, i think. We may be able to arrange a marriage - a long distance one, but you never know. Call on Lilliana, cousin, and we'll find you a bride! ;)

~Lilliana of the clan Soliere
Bearer of Puriel of Vandlar


Chicago Staff

Vill sum one describe 'im to me... I am lack in sight and if I were help a cousin find a wife I were need to know him face. Maybe he come visit me or I him and I help him spirit find a kindred one...

Blind Seer
He about five foot and eight inch tall. Him have a short beard, usually and he keeps him head shaved. He has soulful eyes and loves little more dhan to entertain wit' his many talents. He is an earth caster, with a proud gait and a presence dhat can nye be ignored. Dhe expression on him face always look like he up to something, even when he nye actually up to somet'ing. ;)


Maxwell, did you ever get this problem resolved?

Oh... and you must see my new doublet and cod... they are to die for.

Nikodemus Rasputin Malreaver