Waylay + Closed-Cell Coreless weapons

Discussion in 'Marshal Questions' started by Draven, Jul 20, 2017.

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  1. Draven

    Draven Baron Seattle Staff Marshal

    According to the Waylay description, it requires an open-cell weapon to be used, and yet, I could have sworn that I've seen folks with closed-cell coreless weapons (crossbows, throwing weapons) that have been allowed to use them for Waylay.

    I can't imagine why they wouldn't be, also. Closed cell coreless weapons don't really have, in my experience, the ability to do the kind of punch that a cored weapon with closed-cell does.

    Is the description outdated?
  2. Draven

    Draven Baron Seattle Staff Marshal

    Should I post this to ARC?
  3. Inaryn

    Inaryn Squire San Francisco Staff Marshal

    "This skill may only be performed by a weapon which includes a safe and valid Waylay Tip. It is the responsibility of the person performing the Waylay to ensure the weapon they are using has a Waylay Tip."

    It is intended that crossbows have an open cell butt if intended to be used for waylay. Also, thrown weapons are intended to be made from open cell foam.

    Now, things have changed since then... I won't argue with the rules needing updating on this one. However, the intent is pretty clear in my educated opinion: The skill Waylay is to be performed with an open cell surface of a dimension no less than 2 inches.

    I would recommend that you ask other marshals if they agree with that assessment before posting your question to ARC.
  4. MaxIrons

    MaxIrons Squire Seattle Staff Marshal

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