Wayside Times April 15th, 322 Edition


Chicago Staff

I present the Dreaming Edition of the April 15, 322 Wayside Times.

Thank you to all the excellent writers and artists who supported this edition: Lady Liddia FallingStar, Commander Gregory Reginald Binks III, Housemother Adlao, Aicha, Scholar Lorelei Beinae, Heinrecht, and Bard Tuli.

Please send any articles, news, events, declarations, stories, opinions, and other publishable content to me here in the Dreaming, at the Flaming Skull Tavern [Discord @Mycroft#2241], or by pigeon [trayquill@gmail.com].

I am always looking for artists who can represent the Market Day in a visual medium [photographs, drawings, paintings, etc. High resolution PNG preferred].

The Classified section is open for any submission at 1 copper per word. Please contact me for rates on advertising.

I am specifically looking for articles on the below topics, but feel free to also submit anything else you feel should be included in this edition:
  • Invasive Karp
  • Zeal, Water Elemental
  • Bloodfang the Manticore
  • Undead Suite Gang
  • Giant Grab
  • Glitterdoom the Smiling One at Twilight Dynasty
  • Glitterdoom attacks the town
  • Rebellion in Sapphire Kingdom
  • First Chimera attacks town

Dramthin Hartsboon
Prademary University
Keeper of the Tainted Grove


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