Wayside Times November 12 Edition


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Here is the Dreaming Edition of the November 12, 321 Wayside Times. Thank you to all the excellent writers and artists who supported this edition: Iban al-Hameed, Housemother Adlao, Maiev Riese Cromwell, Cupbearer Auryn Fairhorn, Guildmaster Franz Firebrand, Glenn Stormwolf, Khademus Oblieah, Beryl Matarashda Rudari, and Mutt Yip.

For the next publication on January 7, please send articles and submission to me here in the Dreaming, at the Flaming Skull Tavern [Discord @Mycroft#2241], or by pigeon [trayquill@gmail.com]. Please contact me if you want to write about any of major events below, know of other events not listed, or have other articles you wish to submit

I am also looking for artists who can represent the Market Day in a visual medium [photographs, drawings, paintings, etc. High resolution PNG preferred].

The Classified section is open to any submission at 1c per word. Please contact me for rates on advertising.

Feel free to comment on other events which might be included in this edition:
  • Fight In the Plane of Cataclysm
  • Searching Sulfur Pit in Ca La Dorne
  • Battling Masticating Beetles in Ca La Dorne
  • Searching Tar Pits of Old Hearth
  • The Koshinari Bathhouse
  • Thinning the Horde
  • Cleansing the Waystone
  • Cleansing the Chaos Pigs
  • Five Snakes in a Trench Coat
  • The Junkyard
  • Fight at Keep Hook
  • Crowning of King and Queen Hook
  • Run in with the Unicorns
  • Gem Eaters on the Isle of Nex

Dramthin Hartsboon
Prademar University
Keeper of the Tainted Grove


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