We need your photos


Public Relations Committee
The Alliance LARP National Documents Committee is looking for photos to include in the new Rulebook! Photos MUST meet the following requirements:

All parts of the photos must follow the Alliance LARP rules – correct racials in all photos, body positions if applicable, etc.

Photos must be in .tiff and .png format

Photos need to be 100 DPI or Higher

Photos cannot contain any mundane items, such as red solo cups, coolers, exit signs, cars, etc. Must be in costuming (either PC or NPC).

Photos need to be of excellent quality. Nothing blurry or difficult to see/read
Submitted photos may be edited.

Photos do not need to be taken at an event – we are encouraging everyone to get together with their local friends and stage photos if they would like. We must have the attached waiver signed for Every Person in the photo, as well as the photographer. Photos that are not used in the rulebook may also be used on the website or for future publications.

Please email all photos to sbsalliancedocs@gmail.com ASAP, but no later than May 15, 2023.

Photos not used in the rulebook may be used in other publications.

We will be rewarding 3 Dragon Stamps per photo used, and then up to 3 Dragon Stamps per specific requested and useable photos (one award per request - so only one 3 Dragon Stamps for all useable ritual casting pics, as an example) up to a max of 30 DS. Please include a listing of how you want the DS divided when you submit your photos. ONLY photos that meet the above criteria will be eligible.

We are specifically looking for the following photos:
Racial Pics – specifically head shots
Urgent Need for Oathsworn, Selunari, Dark Elves, High Ogres, Hobblings

Group Pictures (show us your teams/guilds/NPC groups, etc)


Circles of Power


People being healed (magic & first aid)

Packets being thrown

Pictures of Weapons & Armor

People drinking/administering potions and elixirs

Someone maintaining a Fortress


Liquid Light

A warded/wizard locked building
Photos of combat

Photos of characters using mental abilities

Killing Blow

Touch Casting

Magic Item examples (do not include specific tags)

Rituals being cast

Crafting of all kinds (RP creating items, shops with IG items, crafting materials, etc)

Body Weaponry

Shield Wall

Catalysts and Scrolls (1st page only of scrolls)

Photos of groups sitting around enjoying themselves IG

A group in a hold

Thank you so much


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So I have two things.
One this document is riddled with spelling errors.
Also, the wording in the document, does the images being submitted, do they only pertain to larp, or does it also mean any and all images being used or taken from anywhere of anyone from any point in time? Meaning can you go on my FB page and take images of me from there to use in anyway you see fit after I sign this one piece of paper?


Chicago Staff
I also think it'll be really difficult to get a signed waiver from EVERY person in a photo. You basically now exclude any photography at an event. Also for group NPC shots, all it takes is one person to not submit a form and it's invalid. For photos taken during an Alliance Event does it still need documentation, even if the individuals are posed?

Also for group shots, that's 3DS for anywhere from 2 to 10 people in a photo. That's not even 1 a person. So do you give to the person who took the photo(if you even remember/can find out) or just give to whomever?
The waiver is only required for photos taken outside of an event (event photos are already covered under the individual chapter waivers you must sign to play). So, if your group stages a photo shoot in someone's yard, that is when we'd need the waiver signed. As for the rights, this applies to the photos submitted only.

The DS awards can be split amongst the group however you want them to be - please just include that information in the email. If it is a useable photo that we can use either in the rule book or in other publications (race packets, website, guides, etc), and it fits the criteria (format/pixels/no mundane items/ everyone in the photo following all rules, including racial requirements), and you submit 10 photos, those 30 DS can be divided up so that everyone in the shots gets some, or go to the photographer only. However your group sees fit. If information is not included in the email on how to divide them, it will go to whomever submitted the photo. PLEASE include your full name (and player number if possible) so we can get everyone the DS they deserve!