Weapon Proficiency Clarification?

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    Hi all, I wasn't sure if this thread was more appropriate for New Player Discussions or Rules Discussions, but I figured anybody who's been playing for a while probably knows already, so I picked this subforum.

    I'm a new player planning to start working on physreps today or tomorrow, and thus need to settle on a fighting style. In order to do that, I need somebody to help me sort out my confusion with how Weapon Proficiency works, exactly.

    The Weapon Proficiency text reads:

    This allows the character to do a constant extra point of damage with one weapon for each time this skill is purchased. If using a twohanded weapon, the amount of damage is 1.5 (rounded down). This includes polearms, staffs, two handed blunt, two handed swords, bows, and crossbows.
    A Weapon Proficiency works with any weapon with which the character has the appropriate weapon skill. When attacking with a proficiency, you should merely call out the extra point(s) of damage as regular damage.

    I'm a little confused, as the text says "...do a constant extra point of damage with one weapon..." but also "A Weapon Proficiency works with any weapon with which the character has the appropriate weapon skill." Which is it? If I have One-Handed Edged and One-Handed Blunt, do I have to pick a weapon type or do I get the bonus damage to all weapons I can use?

    As a follow-up question, since I think this might be what it's getting at with the "one" part, how does Weapon Proficiency interact with Florentine and Two Weapons?
  2. Weapon Proficiencies (and Backstabs) should work with any weapon you're able to use, and you can be calling the increased damage with every swing even if using two weapons. (I use "can" because you always have the option to call less than your maximum damage if you want to.)
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    Yeah, Weapon Proficiency isn't weapon-specific. It's +1 to Damage with weapons (or 1.5 with 2H weapons).
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    Note for clarity that there's no half points of damage, so the 1.5 is really +3 per 2 profs. :cool:
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    The rulebook states, "1.5 rounded down". It is not 3 for every 2. If I have 3 profs I would get credit for that odd prof at just +1.

    This was answered by the first response and should have been closed.
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    To my knowledge, it's not the practice to lock New Player Discussuon threads after a question has been answered, likely as such questions aren't required to be answered by a Marshal.

    Let's try to keep our responses from potentially being interpreted as combative, however, in order to ensure that new/potential players don't have reason to believe we're a highly argumentative group of folks. I think that's best, yeah?
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    Hopefully this will help it make more sense.

    It should probably say "one weapon type" instead of "one weapon". For example, if you get the One Handed Edge skill, and you buy a Prof, you can swing +1 damage all the time with any weapon that falls under the category for One Handed Edge. If you buy additional Weapon Skills, you will then be able to apply your profs to those weapon types as well, otherwise your Profs only apply to weapons of the weapon type that your character has the skill(s) to use.

    For reference, One Handed Edge allows you to use the following weapon(s):
    Dagger, hatchet, short sword, long sword, short axe, or long axe.

    Put another way:
    You may not use a weapon of a weapon type for which you do not have the required skill.
    You may not apply Profs and/or Backstabs to weapon for which you do not have the required skill.

    You may use a weapon of a weapon type for which you have the required skill.
    You may apply Profs and/or Backstabs to weapons for which you do have the required skill. Note that to use the additional damage of BackStabs, you must fulfill the positional requirements of the Backstab skill. Profs may be used from any side of a target.

    You can find more weapon information on page 82 of the PDF ARB, or on page 80 of the physical book.

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