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Calan does his best to knock the snow off his boots just outside The Ogers head tavern. In his hand was a cage wrapped in the cloak Kato had lent him. Phil hadn’t given him any instructions on caring for split pea in weather like this. Satisfied that he wasn’t going to get any more muck and snow off his boots he enters the tavern. He was a more than a little annoyed buy this sudden downfall; He hadn’t packed any of his warm clothes when he left home. His eyes doubtfully scanned the faces at the table looking for any familiar faces; as he suspected nobody he knew was here. He spotted an empty table at the back and made his way there. He’d had this feeling that he had been followed the last few weeks and given his run in with DAM not that long ago it didn’t sit well with him. Calan placed the cage on the table and pulled back enough of the cloak so that he could see the bird, he’d been happy to have the bird to talk to the past while but was still disappointed his friend didn’t train ravens he had always wanted a pet raven, or a crow. Frankly either would due. His sister used to tell him she dreamed they could turn to ravens and that the two of them would race through the air. Calan shook his head to be rid of the memory, berated himself straight away. Better one of his own memories than someone else’s painful as that might be.

A voice whispers at the back of his mind. “ how can you be certain the memory was yours?”

A surge of anger flows through calan. He closes his eyes and grips the table and begins whispering.

“I am Calan Rivers, My home is the Lux, I had one Sister, My best friend is Jinn. I am calan rivers of the Raven Clan, My clansmen are Phal, Rohnan, and Jinn”

Calan sees himself as an orc running in the hunt; calan sees himself as a bunny kin standing as a shield in front of her young as a wall of flame cascades over them like a giant tsunami wave leaving nothing but a charred bunch of bodies that crumbled to ash in the wind there after.

Continuing to whisper but more angerly now. His words filled with saliva as he hunches over the table gripping so hard now his nails begin to dig into the wood.

“I am Calan rivers,”
He takes in a number of heavy breaths on the brink of hyperventilating before he manages to slow his breathing and heart rate down. The voice in his mind now quiet he opens his eyes and notes that one other group of patrons were watching him. Trying his best not to think about any of it he pulls out a quill and parchment and begins to draw.


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Rohnan entered the tavern shivering with the cold. Sure she was bundled up with various scarves, cloaks, even a blanket. But she was still in a sour mood. She did NOT like the cold. Her nose and toes were numb and she was sure that her horns had frostbite. Dark circles surround her eyes and it was obvious that she hadn’t been sleeping well.

Sitting alone in the back of the tavern she spotted the person who she was looking for. Calan was hunched over his drawing and she made her way across the room to him. When she got close she flicked him on the ear to get revenge for the flick on the nose he gave her the last time they spoke.

“how was your super secret mission?” She asked as she sat across him. She motioned for someone to bring a drink as she started to remove a few of her layers. she looked at the picture Calan was working on. “That’s a good likeness of Jinn”.


Calan let out a little laugh at the mention of a super-secret mission.

"to be honest it hasn't gone well; I have been looking for forget-me-nots and a gift for the wedding but for whatever reason, I can't find anything that will be good enough. I also didn't bring my guitar with me so I didn't get a chance to practice much in the last few weeks. I will be horrible at the wedding."

Calan looked down at the drawing and then back at Rohnan.

"thank you, I seem to have mucked it up a little bit for my liking but it will due. I have to draw you one of these days. my collection wont be complete without it." Calan drummed his fingers on the table.

"you look a little worse for ware you should go get some rest at the sanctum before long. Id suggest maybe ordering some coco though first."
Rohnan gave Calan a seething look at the mention of coco. “Coco is the last thing I need right now, thank you very much.” She crossed her arms and continued to glare. “Who helped you with that by the way? Phal?”


Calan got a confused look on his face. " I am not sure what you are speaking of, I just thought with it being cold and all that we might enjoy something warm to drink." Calans face lit up. "Oh you must mean Split Pea here. yes Phal helped me, he was concerned I would get lost and nobody would be able to find me. so he was kind enough to offer one of his hawks."

he then opened up a pouch and pulled out some meat and offered it to the bird through the bars.

"it sure does like to eat. I am sad it's not a raven though. Did you know ravens can learn to talk?"
She continued to glare at him. A month ago she would have dropped it. She knew that’s what he was expecting... she wasn’t in the mood to drop it. “Cute. You know I’m just going to ask him when we go back to the Lux. You might be content to lie to me, but I doubt that there would be anyone else who you would have asked.” She gestured to the hawk, “and you clearly saw him before leaving the Lux. I just want to know if I should be mad at both of you.”

‘I need to know who I can trust’ was the unspoken message left in the air as the anger left her features and all that was left was hurt.


Calan paused, genuinely confused at the line of questioning. " I seriously have no idea what you are talking about." he looked at her tired face searching for any clue as to what she was speaking about. "What would I have had phal do for me could you just be straight and ask directly?"
‘Does he seriously not remember?’
‘How could he not remember?’
‘Just to forget a sleep? I doubt it?’
‘look at him, he’s tired. Maybe he just honestly forgot?’
‘See, I told you. You don’t matter to him’
‘Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!’

Rohnan opened her eyes not realizing that she had closed them. The voices in her head being temporarily silenced she took a deep breath and let her anger wash away. “Fine, did you ask Phal to mix in a sleep into the mug of coco you gave me before running off?”


Calans face lit up once more. “Ohhhhh , the answer to that is yes, and it’s also no.” Calan looked at his hands and mimed holding drinks. He looked back and forth between his hands.
“ I think it’s entirely possible that I may have given you the wrong coco.” Calan re thought back to their last conversation and began retracing his steps aloud. “The forest, my room, Phal again, then my room, then their room. “ he pauses a minute. “ I think I had gotten so distracted in the moment that I lost track of which drink was mine, then when we spoke I got so frustrated I left right away instead of taking my drink to rest as I had intended.” Calan let out a breath. “To be honest you kind of look like you could use sleep.”
Rohnan raised her eyebrows as Calan ‘explained’, but she didn’t believe him for a second. Purposefully putting a sleep in her drink is exactly the kind of thing that he would do. Just like he was going to push her back through the portal during the fight against the mechanical dragon and how he ran off on his own without telling anyone a month ago. But this was going no where fast. Instead a ‘mmhmm’ was all she gave on the subject and moved on.

“I do need sleep, and a hot bath, and a massage. Also I need this war to be over, and for my family to stop being self sacrificing arses. You know, more fun excitement, less ‘do this and everyone and thing you have ever loved will be destroyed’”.

She sat quietly for a moment, starting at the mug of ale that must have been delivered at some point when she was distracted she took a drink and asked, “Do you remember why you originally started working with the group in the Lux? I mean before we went to that other shard and everything that happened there.”


He gave it some thought before answering. It felt like ten minutes but it probably was less than one.
“You know I have this vague feeling like I was looking for something and ended up in the lux no, not the lux somewhere else but aside from that no; there is little I recall from before.”
Calan gave another small chunk of flesh to the caged bird.
“I agree we need some light hearted adventure, low stakes sort of thing. But you know as well as I do that we can’t not now. As much as I joke about letting the reaches breach this shard I can’t. Not after spending time in the forgotten shard, I mean those beasts that hunted us a few weeks back are not too different than the hunting parties in that shard. This place is a breath away from turning into the shard we almost never left. I can’t let that happen.”

Calan let out a sigh of defeat.
“Seeing as your determined to join me you may as well accompany me from here on out. Just know that it likely means you won’t save me, you will just die with me... again.”
Rohnan nodded her head as Calan spoke about what he remembered. It was much the same for her.

The talk about the other shard made her freeze up. ‘you are the hunter or the hunted, predator or prey. Choose.’
‘Shut up!’

“You’re right. We can let those beasts out. And I’m happy to see that you understand that you’re stuck with me. Besides, it’s more likely that you’re going to save me. After all, nothing too bad happened to me until after you died. So, don’t die.” She smirked. “Is there anything you still need to do here? I’ve tried to find myself something new to wear for the Wedding but nothing was really working.”


“Well, I don’t intend to but I can’t make any promises. It wasn’t my idea to die last time. Fortunately I have everything I need to have the spell store cast now so I should be able to hold onto a life spell.” He drums his fingers on the table.
“I can’t think of anything in particular, need is not a word I’d use to describe my errands, want would be better fitting. I want to find some forgetmenots. I want to find a wedding gift.” He let out another breath of defeat. “ I am just afraid I’m not going to find anything before we return tomorrow:”
“A ready to use life spell is always good. Hopefully someone will be willing to cast it for you. You’re about a month too late for the flowers if you have your heart set on forget-me-not’s, they start to die at the end of summer. As for a gift, I can help you try and find something suitable. What do you have in mind?”


"pffft you ask that as though I have ever attended a wedding before. I just know its customary to bring a gift, but seriously what says hey I'm happy your getting hitched now because we all might die together horribly tomorrow? I mean maybe we might not want to imply the death part but seriously Solveig is a warrior I feel like the gift should somehow reflect that..... all though I'm pretty sure gift-giving is what started this whole marriage business so maybe we should be careful of what we get." Calan looks down at the drawing of Jinn and gets a big smile. "as for being too late for flowers well you underestimate the lengths I will go to to get what I want."

Calans face shifts as the thought of Ellie entered his mind; He couldn't recall what it was that she was off doing but he suddenly hoped that she and her companions were okay.
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