Weekend event, November 14-16, 2008


November 14-16
Camp Cutter

Member PC Pricing: $75 at the door. $65 if pre-register by November 7th. (Food is not included.)
Non-Member PC Pricing: $85 at the door. $75 if pre-register by November 7th. (Food is not included. This is for a one event membership fee.)
NPC Pricing: $30. (Food is included, but we recommend you bring some extra snacks and drinks.)
Note: Yearly membership fee is $25.

This camp has a lodge with bedrooms, showers, kitchen, and an attached hall. First come, first served on the bedrooms, (lodging for about 25). Overflow lodging can be on the hall floor.

If you wish, you can camp outside in tents, although you will be about a 5 minute walk away from the Lodge. If you choose this option, it will incur a further $8/night/person charge.

If you wish, there are separate cabins (that sleep 8 ). These are slightly closer than the tent camping site. If you choose this option, it will incur a further $15/night/person charge (Assuming full/almost full capacity).

If you wish either of these two alternate sleeping arrangements, then you need to tell Steven (Whorfin) ASAP, so that we can make sure it happens.

Map of Camp Cutter: http://www.pacsky.org/OpenRosters/DocDo ... 2&id=15423
We have the lodge, cabins, and the fire area on the shore of the lake.

Map to Camp Cutter: http://www.pacsky.org/OpenRosters/DocDo ... 2&id=15420


We've instituted a "Early Prereg" option where you can save $5 if you prereg/prepay by October 5th, our next game day. PM me for more info.


Camp Cutter is very nice... it also costs about twice as much as our previous weekend event location.

To help us with the fairly significant deposits and other costs, we've decided to give you an incentive to register and pay early, AND an incentive for everyone to bring more PCs with you.

The incentives...
If you register (and pay) as a PC on or before October 5th (the next day event), not only will you have priority as to where you're staying during this event, but we're going to knock $5.00 off of the prereg price for a total of $60.

If 30-39 people register as a PC for the event, we'll knock another $5.00 off of everyone's reg costs (i.e., $55 if you're paid on October 5th).

If 40+ people register as a PC for the event, we'll knock off another $5.00 off of everyone's reg costs (i.e., $50 if you pay by October 5th), AND we'll reduce the cabin costs to $75 a night, down from $100.

If we get 30+ people, we'll refund the savings at the event. Note that the reduced costs for the number of PCs are for total paid PC attendance at the time of the event, not necessarily prereg/prepaid.

More info about out reservation policy:
If you would like to reserve a cabin, the rental deposit ($100) needs to be paid before your cabin is considered reserved. We have decided to go with the flat $100/night rate that has unofficially seemed to be most favored by you guys. All four cabins have bunks for 8, with some space on the floor. People using the cabins will be able to use the facilities at the pool, including showers, which are close by. There is power in all cabins, although you're going to have to get a "lightbulb adapter" to be able to use it. Your local hardware store should have one.
For example:
http://www.sportys.com/acb/showdetl.cfm ... &fromg=yes

There are bunks in the lodge. There are also campsites close by (1/2 city block or less). These sites have tent platforms with two cots apiece. You are also welcome to tent camp as long as it is in an established campsite. The campsites have restroom facilities and running water. We have decided to absorb any additional costs for using any of these options.
The lodge comes equipped with a full kitchen, two convection ovens, a pizza oven, a large grill, ice maker, walk in refridgerator and freezer. There are also showers and bathroom facilities available in the lodge.

Those who prereg/pay will be able to reserve spaces in order of the receipt of their payment, as only seems fair.

The lodge:
Bunkroom #1 has 6 bunks
Bunkroom #2 has 10 bunks
There is one full-sized bed available in a room with 4 other bunks.
There are two more bunks available in the "quiet room".

The Cabins:
Cabin #1 has 8 bunks.
Cabin #2 has 8 bunks.
Cabin #3 has 8 bunks.
Cabin #4 has 8 bunks.

Cabins #1 and #2 are connected with an attached "patio"
Cabins #3 and #4 are connected with an attached "patio"

The nearest campsite is Kenny or Minto. They both have a large number of 2 cot tents on platforms.

Please state preferences when prereg/prepaying.
Paypal payments can be sent to siestrion@yahoo.com if you wish to prereg.

NPCs will be based in the Troop Service Building.
Any questions should come to me (whorfin), PM me here, or on our local boards.