Weekend Wrap!

Thanks to Plot, Logistics, and all those who donated time and effort to put on a good show. I just wanted to let you all know I had a good time.

Can't wait to do it again.

AllianceCHI said:
Thanks to Plot, Logistics, and all those who donated time and effort to put on a good show. I just wanted to let you all know I had a good time.

Can't wait to do it again.


Plot, Logistics, Tom -

You guys id an awesome job this weekend! I had an amazing time at your chapter this weekend.

Some of my favorites:

Asserting dominance over a minotaur
Kobolds running from a snarling high orc
Learning Eviscerate from Havok and how to read magic from Jehan
Teaching Kitsune how to kneel and grovel properly
The banshee rep was really cool

The Bad and Ugly:

Mosquitoes had to be mutated or something - they were going through bug spray, through citronella, and through not just clothes, but armor!
Havok putting his arm through plate glass - get well soon Mike!

This was a great weekend, and well worth the drive. We'd love to see you guys come out to Chicago soon!



I had an amazing time this weekend! I want to say thanks to everyone who made it possible to run this event! Special thanks goes out to the all the NPC's for their tireless crunching! See you in September!!!!

AKA - Durk


A big thank you first to THE GARDEN CITY ALL STARZ for showing up again and completely rocking the house!!! As always you guys are the biggest reason people were entertained all weekend!!! Great Job!!!

Second, a big thank you to the players who showed up, I know a few of you drove a long way, so thank you all for coming out!

Last, Amy, and Josh, they run the show folks, and without them the machine would rust, break down, and cost us ba-jilli-ons in repairs. You guys did a fantastic job this weekend!!! I have never heard so many nice things said about such bad people! :)

Oh, and a giant thanks to Kate for picking up the logistics slack for Tom! j/k boss.

I had a great time and hope to see all of you at the next AllianceLArpSoMi event.

Bring giant spiders. They eat bugs.

I would also like to thank everyone that came out to take part in the event.

I hope you all had a great time, keep the feedback coming.
I would like to thank our NPCs and their intrepid leaders for...general awesomeness and great RP.

I loved the Banshee. After seeing the last adventuring group of apl 20something shy away from it, I was glad to get the chance to chase after it and hit it with something with friends. :)

Kneeling and grovelling to the medusa. Marcena can REALLY lay it on thick when the time is right.

Channeling elements with Eldandiril.


Showing off Marcena's insane luck at a game of cards. Her versus the HoG. They never stood a chance. :(


Oh, didn't realize we couldn't edit.


"Kalin Alerrsilis. I think I shall name my firstborn daughter Kalinalersilis"

All things Tadron

Ressurecting Eldandiril. Glad to have ya back and Paul...that speech nearly made me cry OOG!


Flirting with a minotaur then gassing him down for the kb. Nothing was distinguishing Marcey from a rogue this weekend.

Making a stone elf magistrate nearly smirk while spelling out Marcena's full name.

Marcena has GOT to be more careful about who she sells what to!

And thanx again to all for being a lot of fun to play with and I shall see you all again soon.

And I think that's it.

For now...



Ah ... where to start?

The totally sinking feeling watching the Medusa and her lieutenant walk into the cabin right after Jehan had started a ritual. And the 10+ minutes of total craziness that followed! Major kudos to the NPCs for that awesome role-playing!!

Almost getting a damage aura on my sword.

The "changing house mod." Creepy and we're still trying to figure it out. Watching Long and Thetford almost laugh themselves sick.

It was a great weekend, lots going on and thank you to the NPCs for another great job! It was well worth the drive.

a.k.a. Naie a Kassill
I had a great time this weekend and am really happy with the event. I saw some excellent role play from a lot of people and was woah impressed with the PC pro-activity. I'm glad to see some new and familiar faces and hope everyone is able to make it again at the end of September.

Keep the feedback coming, we certainly want to hear your thoughts. If there was anything you didn't like or think we could improve on, send it to our e-mail at alliancesouthmi@yahoo.com

Also, if you want some personal plot, please send your character history/background info to us as well at the above email address.



So um Yeah I just have to say a few things, I love NERo and I miss it muchly I had a blast coming out and running you through log. No matter how grumpy I seem it's honestly just a phase. THank you guys for being patient. I understand that lines can suck but we tried to keep you moving.

Also thanks to all those who came out and PC'd my Bros event. We love having you there, you provide some awesome roleplay.

Plot Team- Wuv you guys with all my heart.... YOu guys were amazing. especially when we came up to you and said that we wanted to go do something stupid. Way to take it on.

NPC's you guys were the awesome. YOu really brought it, I'm glad to see people who are tireless at crunching and also trying to make giant amounts of death for my little old scholar to deal with.

Can't wait to see you all in september. If you want your log to move faster, please remember to Pre-Reg. We love it when you send us your information ahead of time. YOu move quicker I look less angry. Happy Campaign Wishes and NERO dreams.....

SoMI Log and Random Scholar


Sorry this is a little late....but

Thank you everyone for a GREAT weekend. Sorry I could only come for the day on Saturday, but it was a GREAT day.

Plot - wow, there is a lot going on in the little town of Prath'Moore. I also really appreciate MOD cards, I love them and take it as a personal challenge to find as many as I can. Thank you for always being willing.

NPCs - If PCs are the heart of LARP, then you are the soul. It could not be anything with out you, thank you for you endless efforts to kill me and my friends.

Tom - Many thanks for getting SOMI together and for the Pizza

Logistics - you all were fantastic and really FAST, it was one of the fastest I have ever been through even if I seemed to be in a hurry. I apologize, my group left me to go on a MOD that I had set up.

PCs - I love having multiple groups in town, it makes it so much more realistic for me. I really dislike when everyone becomes one big happy adventuring family, we miss out on so much more RP.

See you all soon
daver aka Bob the Blacksmith