Welcome to my Island

Cinderfel Director

New Hampshire Staff
[A robed man presents him self to you within a dream]

Mistwalkers, welcome to Unmei Island. Step onto the shores of a tropical land full of riches and ancient history. Earth energies are in great abundance on Unmei due to the Terra Stones, so much so that undead are destroyed if they enter its borders. We have the great Ogre tribe to thank for maintaining the Terra Stones across the entire island. As you travel the island, you are bound to encounter the Kotar tribe which is primarily comprised of Oathsworn and low-blood Biata. They are primarily responsible for Order and Law here.

Travel through the forests to the North and you may run into one of the two clans of Selunari and Sylvan. They lend aid across the island improving the quality of life for all of the inhabitants of Unmei through bartering supplies and aiding the women of the island by helping with births. They get most of these supplies from the Kingdom of Cinderfel, located on the side of the volcano Mount Mithron. Once a great city of export, now turned into a reclusive barricaded bastion due to recent attacks on it. The newly appointed Dwarven King Agrim Bonemelder has closed his doors and turned to the Oathsworn to uphold the kingdom’s laws, while Cinderfel recovers. Hoblings also inhabit the once great kingdom but due to their dark past they have receded from their social dealings and now focus on their crazed contraptions.

North of the great island lies a smaller island named Tylwaer that is a frozen Wasteland. Decades ago there was a great exodus of Stone elves to this island with the Dark Elves pursuing them. Reports from The Great High Orc Sailors, who do not put into port often, include legends that the Ice Elves who inhabit Tylwaer can control the elements. They also claim to have seen massive amounts of wreckage washed up on its frozen shores.

If you travel South you will come to the dreaded Echosis forest were the High-Blood Biata stay in solitude and where the Wylderkin are found. No one has been able to travel deep into this forest due to the effects it has on one's mind and the threat of the twisted tree spirits known as the Kikari. South of the forest, on the other side of a southern volcano, is Black Heart Bay. Black Heart Bay welcomes creatures from all walks of life and provides them with defense from the Alliance Pact. There are even rumors that Gnolls, Trolls, and Goblins not only live there but thrive. So what will it be Mistwalker? Will you walk the line of creation and assist in the growth of the Island? Or will you follow destruction's path making the Island what you want it to be?