Welcome to the Alliance CMA


Welcome to the Alliance CMA

The official CMA is at: https://db.alliancelarp.com/

This is the official version of your character sheet and your player information. Changes made here are changes to your official sheet. You should make sure skills you're purchasing are the ones you intend to. If you're unsure about what your character should look like, use the freeplay site (https://freeplay.alliancelarp.com/) to try out builds.

Your login is the email address your local logistics team provided. If this is your first time logging into the CMA, click the "Forgot your password?" link https://db.alliancelarp.com/users/password/new to get sent an email with a link to set your new password.

Characters & Skills
Character(s) should have been imported with no skills spent. Until you attend your first event with that character, you can buy skills freely. After the first event, teacher cards will be needed. Newly imported characters will receive a free race change. You will need to select your race before buying skills.

When buying skills for a character, here are some common “gotchas” to be aware of:
  • To buy spells, you need to have set a primary school. If you buy spells, it will set it to whatever spell you buy first if you have not already selected it.
  • Sylvanborn - you'll need to buy the minimum craftsman skills for your level first before it will let you buy other skills
  • Most martial skills require a weapon skill or claws to purchase
  • To buy spells, click on the spell progression

Some useful features:
  • You can refund skills for up to 1 hour after you’ve purchased them
  • Your logistics team can refund skills for you up to 1 week after you’ve purchased them
  • You can buy multiple weapon proficiencies, backstabs, or spells all at once

Goblin Blankets
Pick a character to receive monthly goblin stamp blankets. You may only have one character designated to receive them from a chapter -- setting it on one character will remove other characters from within that chapter. At the time of import, back blankets will be blocked since we are not importing goblin stamp expenditure history. If you want to blanket an event with goblin stamps or buy back a monthly blanket from March 2019 through May 2019, contact your logistics team via email. Monthly goblin stamp blankets are awarded via a scheduled over night job, so if you set an eligible character to receive a blanket you should see the goblin stamp transaction the next day.

Magic Items
The CMA system is also used to store the magic item database. It is planned that when you register for an event you will also specify your magic items. This will allow the CMA to track magic item durations for you.

Registering for an event
Choose an event from https://db.alliancelarp.com/events/ . If the event is open for registration, there will be a "Preregister" button. The notes section may contain additional information that your logistics team would like you to fill out. After you hit "Create Registration" it will take you to a page that lets you set up your battleboard. If you have spells, it will select a spell memorization list. For each day, pick a spell memorization list and set the memorization.

Registering for an event is important, as it lets logistics print character cards and credit you with attendance. If you are playing out of chapter and you don't register, the chapter logistics won't be able to see or print your character sheet.

For NPCs, registration will let them designate a character to receive their NPC blanket. To preregister as an NPC, you must have a character, so you will need to create one if you do not have one already.

More features are coming to the CMA
These are the features available at the time of this document creation. Our hardworking Tech staff are adding new features and improving existing ones, including adding dragon stamp support, adding additional goblin stamp purchase options, and more.

Check Imported Data
Our data import process was very dependent on the data from the logistics teams being correct and complete. Please take a moment to check these things:
  1. Your goblin stamp totals are correct at https://db.alliancelarp.com/
    If there are any issues, email logistics for the chapter you see a discrepancy with.
  2. All of your characters are present at https://db.alliancelarp.com/characters
    If there are any issues, email the logistics team where the character is homed.
    If you have a duplicate character, click "Discard this character" for the lower build character.
  3. Check each character, and verify the death count is correct.
    If there are any issues, email the logistics team where the character is homed.
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Just keep in mind many chapters are not yet live in the CMA expect a couple more each day for the next week. Be patient as the dust settles! If characters are missing after the Go Live make sure to follow up at that time!


The email address that my chapter has used for my login is not longer available to me. How do I go about getting that email changed, so I may assess the CMA?


The email address that my chapter has used for my login is not longer available to me. How do I go about getting that email changed, so I may assess the CMA?

Please contact your chapter logistics about this, they'll verify and get us the information to update.


The hardworking team that has been developing the CMA has released a new feature yesterday. Players can now buy event blankets with goblin stamps through the CMA.

How to buy event blankets with goblin stamps:
* If you have goblin stamps, they will appear in the "Home" screen
* Select an event under "Events Eligible for Buyback" from a chapter where you have goblin stamps. Click on that event.
* Choose a character to receive credit and click "Buy Event Credit"
* The event has been added to your character and XP awarded.

As was announced before the transition, the CMA will not support buying event blankets from before June 1 due to pre-conversion blanket history not being able to be imported.


First of all, I just want to congratulate the Tech Team developing the CMA. It is extremely intuitive (from my perspective) and easy to use a player.

I do have what I hope to be a simple requests: Is it possible for the Logistics email to be listed next to their chapter in the Chapters menu?


If you click on the chapter it will tell you the contact info as long as the chatper has set it.


Chapters are responsible for providing contact info for their chapter. Some chapters have multiple email addresses they use for different aspects of player interactions. So we don't have a single email address for every chapter.

Though I will try to reach out to the chapters who have not populated their contact info in their chapter tab and encourage them to get that filled in.
somehow between maybe a month ago when i first logged in to the cma, and now, after playing at nh, cma says i no longer exist.


We were merging some duplicate characters as part of cleanup. I think you were merged in the wrong direction, and it has been fixed. If it is not, please feel free to PM me and I'll track down what it takes to get it fixed.


How to change the email address you use in the CMA:
1. Log in to the CMA with your current CMA email address and password
2. In the upper right corner, click "More" and choose "Edit User"
3. Edit the "Email" field to have your new email address. Also provide your password in the "Current Password" box.
* Optionally, you can change your password by filling in the "Password" and "Password Confirmation" boxes, but you do not need to.
* It will not let you use an email address already in use on another account.

If you don't have access to login and don't have access to the old email address, reach our to your local chapter logistics team.
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I appreciate that there's a "Gobbie to Dollar ratio" field that appears to be standard for chapters for the CMA. It would be great if that was immediately followed by some sort of a "how to give us that money" field. Some chapters have it stuffed in the Staff Contact field, but I'm finding that more often than not it's kind of a pain to get that information and usually involves searching the forums, searching a website, digging through old donation lists, and usually just eventually emailing logistics or the GM 'cause everybody has a different person for that. (Getting chapters to fill that info out is probably it's very own issue, but making it easy for people to give you free money is a pretty strong motivator.)


Any chance of a feature request to let us see old registrations for events? It would be nice to be able to track back my pre-reg notes.
Your logistics person/people should be able to get you that information if you want it; I just tried it with our June event, and it worked fine.

Or is this a request to be able to do it on your own, without having to ask someone else to do it for you?


A CMA question: Is it possible to "Skill sell back" only a few levels of a tiered skill (for example, realizing your character doesn't want to throw gasses anymore, but still wants to coat their throwing weapons going from 3 levels of Alchemy down to 1), rather than ALL of the skill involved?


The skill sell back for Goblin Stamps sells back 1 rank at a time. The undo purchase that is only available for a limited time after you bought the skill undoes the purchase in whatever size you purchased it in (so if you bought 4 ranks at once, it undoes that entire purchase).


Useful feature suggestion: Allow exporting the 'Recent Stamps Transactions' list to a CSV or Excel spreadsheet.